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  1. Not sure what you mean by this Adding a Confidence Check would technically be possible, something that in a non consensual matching the Confidence can be used to further split potential partners which is a Setting that would probably be ignored in a consensual setting but picking individual NPC isnt exactly something the algorithm would be able to do during runtime And creating them is very far away from what SMM is supposed to do Thats something Id put in an entirely different mod. Scrappies is ignoring Dead Actors - and you cant animate dead actors The ultimate goal would be to get it to a level to make any and all rape & (auto) matchmaker mods redundant when you have it (its already able to completely replace ABMM and the polling of Aroused Creatures while being more efficient & faster on a coding level despite its more complex conditioning) However, Prostitution isnt necessarily a primary goal of the mod. I am in fact having concepts for a proper prostitution mod already and would prefer to not mix those into a mod that isnt supposed to be player driven Yes Threading Systems arent done yet, neither are Animation Starters & the 1st Filter layer Im focusing mostly on the Profiling & Scanning right now because its the big flashy "nobody has ever done that" thing ============================================================ Would DD integration be something of interest btw? To further specify an Engagement Target
  2. Profile Page: Definitions: System describes mostly Target independent checks that take place before the actual Scan or are independent from a Targets current position Consideration: The new Matchmaker has actors pass through a multitude of filters, Consideration is the 3rd Filter and used to shape a general guideline of Actors to analyze Initiator: This is considered the first Actor in an Animation. The Victim in a Rape or the Actor that is being approached Partner: Those are 0 ~ 4 more Actors which also passed the previous filters and are able to be matched with the Initiator to build a Scene Matchmaking: This checks each potential Partner against the Initiator, going into the more heavy checks if a Target passed all previous filters Posting this to collect some requests & suggestions on what else I should add to this Profile System Engagement Cooldown is a per-target Cooldown, meaning e.g. the Player can only be engaged every 6h but inbetween this time the Scan can still continue and match followers with each other or so The "Consent" option causes the Victims preferences to be ignored & have it be considered a Victim by SL or OStim More precisely for the options, it means that the initiators dispositionis & LOS is ignored for matching Note that Gender Filtering & Race Filtering is on their own MCM Page & profile independent Partners 0 ~4 is not a typo. In the Adult Frame Page you will be able to set a chance to have Actors masturbate if no valid partners are found JContainers will be a requirement with V3. Jsons will play an essential part in the mods logic for V3
  3. Papyrus log? Changed your SlaveTats sometime and didnt update the tat library?
  4. AP allows you to define multiple at once By default you get 1 menu entry and can occupy this with any amount of sub entries, 1 sub entry = 1 alt start. Nothing stopping you from doing more than 1, youll have to parse the string key for it manually though Due to UIExtensions Limitation the total number of entries is 128, AP natively uses half of them. So unless your mod adds another 60+ you shouldnt have any issues adding them. Im already working on an algorithm to significantly increase this number, so if your mod does add more than 60, make me aware so I have motivation to speed this up :^)
  5. I was mostly hypothetical in this post If I were to add a proper enslavement start into AP I probably wouldnt use SS++ for this, instead have the Player directly started out in some cage or what do I know, have the slaver NPC go to Helgen for what do they know and have Alduin kill him for what does he know and youre then free again for what does she know. Yay! Making a post entry into this Story through SS could be interestng but I doubt SS++ even has support for conditional alt starts (which this one would be, since choosing this entry after Unbound is completed is kind of pointless and potentially gamebreaking) and if you really wanted to use it as an Entry you woud use it merely as a bridge; having the 1st part of sold out selling you to SS, and the 2nd one is naturally chosen by SS, moving you to Sold outs 2nd part that triggers the intro. Such immersion much wow If you dont wish to have APs Intro forcestarted through an enslavement story from Sold Out but instead lead to DF or SubLola, youd also could start gathering Lupines & Hexs interest to actually make a story ark for this fairly specific Event for their Follower mods and have them hook into AP as well. Basically turning this thing into a forum wide project of sorts which Id argue is rather overkill in a way If I really, really wanted to enforce Sold Outs Part 2 to be used as the result of SS++, I could directly edit its MCM for this one auction and reset the changed settings afterwards
  6. You want SL to be only be used for Creatures, aye? The Code you have there is bugged and would cause the Scene to fail in 33% of all cases (or 50% if you only got one of OStim or FG)
  7. No That has been on my todo list ever since I took over but I need to properly prepare the environment first, thats why they arent in the mod yet
  8. When the art guy making some models for me finished the models I asked for, anything else is done Not sure how long thatll take, hopefully not too long
  9. I still dont know why that even happens in your game. If there is no notification, Yamete didnt call for a rob (its really just that simple) so whatever causes your follower to randomly lose weapons is not going back to the actual robbing Feature Might it be the stripping perhaps? or maybe another mod? if only in combination I still dont understand why your follower would lose their weapon
  10. Opened up a Poll, cause I apparently like them Question is quite simple: Integrate male subs -> yes/no/only where needed The integration of a male sub (I already know where I would need one) would be extremely helpful for the future storytelling of SLUTS yet I fear that most of you will prefer to keep them out Beware that male support in general will be integrated, I will remove the gender lock soonTM and have the meshes point at male counterparts for each Device, the question here is exclusively about "Would it bother you if there are male sub NPC in SLUTS" Also; Note that a male SLUT is still a SLUT. I have no intention of creating 2 story paths for this mod based on gender or split the mod in any other way. I also have no intention of creating misogynic traits in between the fundamentals of individual ranks. If there is a rather dominant male SLUT that SLUT would be dominant because their character aims in that direction, not because their position demands it so
  11. That would disrupt the overall gameplay since the SLUTS transport carriages dont support passengers and create a mess with any mod editing them in any way I already decided on completly redoing the SS integration I will attempt a little tour where the Carriage Driver picks you up and walks with you to the Carriage, I think that could be quite interesting
  12. Im planing on adding some basic ones for V4.X (with X > 0) and more advanced ones with V5 The death alternative Block for Player Victim is supposed to be fairly advanced, taking the Aggressor that knocked you down into Account if possible. May also collaborate with Nem from ODefeat on this The algorithm depends on how Actors position themselves and how PapyrusUtil serves me the Actors - basically map geometry and AI behavior is in charge of everything that happens there, making it mostly random from my POV The actual rape algorithm orders any Victoire into a "victoire faction" which marks them as a potential partner in a chain rape. When the algorithm starts, it merely takes all Actors in the environment (they dont even need to be part of the Quest, they only need the Faction) and cycles through them until the Scene participants are being created. From there it splits based on your MCM Settings: Either the Scene plays and just decides after that wheter or not another Scene should start or on Scene end it repeats this scneario, pulling out all Actors from that Faction based on the Chance you set in the MCM; it does that until not enough Actors for an Animation can be found The reason why the Quest is needed is not really because of the algorithm but to store the Dialogue and have everything being clean n tidy. Technically though if you really wanted you could create the entire Algorithm without a Quest allowing 100 participants and more to take turns but this requires you to micromanage packages and factions which is kind of annoying
  13. The issue with a setting like that is that its inaccessible by Papyrus This kind of behavior is defined inside the .esp and is entirely isolated from Papyrus If SMM would include something like this, it probably wont be any different. At most Id add an Option to have it "long short or medium" distance
  14. Toyful Temptations. The Toys Enchanted Chests thing I am, Profle System is already standing, so is the basic structure of the esp and the polling interval. Currently working out the Location Profiling Not sure how much I put into the actual engage for V3 but I can add those things fairly easily Isnt there another mod that already does that? And ye, that too is an option with V3 If the Scan finds both Alvor & his wife and you have the Disposition in Towns to be 3 or higher then yes, thats very much a possibility Whether or not I go as far as checking for NPCs engagements in Scans Im not sure. Thats potentially slowing down the algorithm a lot
  15. Since Yamete is basically done on my part, I started working on Scrappies (and TT) now Scrappies will get a major rework at the Scale of the one Yamete got for V4. Scrappies is kind of missing an identity at that point. Its this "matchmaker mod" I wrote but never bothered about making unique. much like Yamete V3 which at the end of the day is just a very generic Combat Defeat mod that has nothing going for it beyond "it works better than the alternatives" and will now gain new, unique mechanics that can fundamentally shape what Yamete is compared to other Defeat/DA mods, Scrappies V3 is supposed to make this empty husk of a matchmaker to something that is capable to truly stand out And since Im Scrab and simple things bore me, the Theme I decided on would be something along the lines of "How much overkill can a matchmaker be? - Yes" Scrappies V3 will not just be a rework, but an entirely new mod. It will be more efficient than it currently is and a lot more powerful Hardcoded Profiles will be removed, say goodbye to Wolf, Sheep & Bunny or however I called em. With V3+, the amount of Profiles you need is the amount of profiles you want Scenes will no longer be loose but instead will be created in their own Threads, allowing significantly more control over anything that is happening - Allowing NPCs to path towards on another before the Scene starts and even Forcegreet the Player, potentially turning this more into a flirty interaction, or maybe a Rape mod that has you run away? In addition, the new Thread System will make playing Scenes Threadsave, which makes the mod as a whole significantly more stable. It will be impossible for Friend Factions to get stuck on Actors. This also has the Advantage that Scrappies will be able to start multiple Scenes in a single Polling; and the danger of "too many Scenes running at once" will be entirely eliminated as well Timings for Scene Starts will also be reworked, allowing for more immersive Witnessing of Scenes, e.g. when entering a building Last but not least, as with Yamete, Scrappies V3 will allow the usage of multiple Animation Frameworks at once, allowing both usage of OStim and SLF in Combination or Individually
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