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  1. Thank you both. Getting rid of that mod did indeed fix the Last exception! But that just proves that I've botched something else up. I removed that mod and I'm still having, issues with this lady sim not showing up in the partner menu, and it does appear to be this particular sim (she's 19 I swear!). Perhaps when I updated WW something untoggled or a setting is different now. A cursory glance and things don't LOOK like they've changed, but obviously I need to look harder. Edit to add: oh yeah those duplicates...gonna go after those first.. Edit the second: I figured it out. it is INDEED a set of toggles i needed to press. also the nude workout thing is now covered by WW and allows for more nuance. so yay. all good. thank you to all!
  2. ok lets see.... Uh i think that's the right WW log. if it's not let me know. this might have to do with MCC (which i also updated)? I just noticed the "get nude while doing yoga/spa/whatever" isn't working. even though toggled.. lastException_63718246685.txt WickedWhims.log
  3. Hello all! I've got a bit of a headscratcher and I need help. I've been getting a last exception for a while now when I start the game, but nothing seemed to wrong so I ignored it. Just today I got a bunch of last exceptions in a row, and then WW wasn't recognizing anyone being around for sex, even though lots of people were around. So I exited game and did the rounds of updating. updated WW, basemental (just in case) and wicked perversions. for good measure I also repaired the game and restarted the computer. Loaded my game back up and had my gal request sex. she came up at the only possible match. I switched to my guy, and noone came up as being a match. So it's the same problem. I ran the lastexception through the good ole sims exceptions thingee and got: Script Mod Import Error (traits.sim_info_unlock_fixup_action) Broken/Outdated mod is importing the 'traits.sim_info_unlock_fixup_action' module. A broken or outdated modification is attempting to import the 'traits.sim_info_unlock_fixup_action' module and fails. The mod is too new, the game is too old, or the required mod is missing. You need to locate the TS4SCRIPT file, in your The Sims 4 Mods folder, that could be causing this issue and remove it. If this is a new issue, try removing the most recent mod you have installed. In some cases, a mod is required to be installed alongside a different mod. Make sure you have all of the required mods. So this isn't super helpful to me, cause I have no idea which mod it's talking about. help?
  4. She makes a lot of different World of Warcraft tattoos and other aggressive looking tribal stuff. I also like her Demon Hunter Tats, but this is from her Vrykul line. https://valhallan.blogspot.com/2017/01/bonespeaker-world-of-warcraft-vrykul.html
  5. Discovering I haven't taken near enough screenshots of my guys.. Just a few shots that I find fun. I like dark elves and I cannot lie..Archer is a nasty bit of work too, not as nice as he appears. Undoubtedly contemplating mugging an old lady or knocking up another unsuspecting girl. My superstar, he had some bad news and fell back into the juice. And my "bit of rough." He likes cock and loves to suck it. Ask him about his return customer policy. Aspiration: power bottom. hope this posts ok, my first time :3
  6. I play a Vampire heavy game and had never seen this before. A fledgling male is going to town with his buddy and two lady friends, and suddenly I hear vampire xp just pouring in. I look and he has the "Unholy Communion" moodlet and a swirly gold aura. He goes from a fledgling to near master in just a few minutes. I swap him and his buddy, and boom, same thing happens to his buddy. I'm guessing this is a hidden thing in WW? or could it be Nisa's? Those are the only mods I have that could be responsible. I'm curious because now I can't make it happen. From the moodlet wording it's implied that first time sex could give the vampire a boost from the plasma..but my Vamp's have had lots of first time sex and I've never seen this before. Was it just a glitch? A leftover thing that was mostly deactivated and just somehow activated just the once? I seem to recall a patch note from long ago mentioning vamp sex and xp, but I can't find it now. Anyone experience this or remember the patch notes I'm talking about?
  7. The only sound I cannot handle is the burp/barf one. A super hot animation will start playing and then it sounds like the guy is having issues with lunch and gonna vomit. I'm not gonna judge here..but NOT my fetish lol. Then there are the chatty cathy animations. The sims will be pounding away madly and all the while discussing their day, the weather, whatever at high speed non-stop. When it comes to dialog during sex: less is more. also: thank you to the creators! We love you...even the ones who use the burps and the non-stop-high-speed dialog!
  8. I think it would be fun to have a "Watch Porn" option for the TV, then have a sub set menu for Watch porn together (stag/hen), and Watch porn together (romance). -The stag option would let you watch porn with your friends on any tv and have triggered reactions like when they are watching a movie (cheers, scared reaction, laughing) -The romance option would trigger like watching romantic tv (flirty), and depending on your WW settings would also likely trigger autonomous sex. I dunno do kids these days not watch bad porn with their buddies like we used to? It would be great to see Turbo's and Nisa's homegrown on the big screen lol.
  9. I'm pretty sure I saw someone had custom mermaid tails here in the download page, but of course I can't find it now. And I feel like I'm going crazy. I'm pretty sure it was a shark tail and a set of shark teeth bundled together. Anyone know where to find it now?
  10. wow, that's almost too much info lol. I'm left with the impression that Mccc dresser is incredibly powerful and vast, but requires patience and lots of set-up to work.
  11. Holy cow, lvl 3 and A students. How will she have time for canoodling! She can make a lot of cash gardening if you want a bit of a cheat (not much of a cheat..it's base game), you just make so much money one a garden gets going lol. I look forward to seeing how this goes!
  12. Fun! Just wondering what rule-set you are using for the challenge and your WW setting. Are you using the WW simple pregnancy setting with the default try for baby percentage (80%)? Also are you on short, normal or long lifetime? Good Luck Haumea! lol
  13. FYI to others having issues, patches for WW and MCC are up. I installed both and everything seems to be working with Nisa's again. So YaY Nisa! The only remaining weirdness I noticed (totally unrelated to WP) one of the WW perks got de-selected for every sim that had that perk. huh.
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