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  1. At the moment everything is going smooth, I need to rework the texture as I forgot some things while creating it (you may see it doesn't really fit into on the pictures)... anyway wont be much of a problem. The texture currently is 2048x2048 at the moment, I think this is way to big and I will reduce it for the release due to performance (or maybe even two version, one with lower, one with higher resolution textures). The dragon itself is the original model with some higher resolution textures to it. In the screenshots I use Matso ENB. Back to the dragon, the model which is going to be relea
  2. Right, I'm going to have a proper go. I have someone with me who knows nifscope. I'm trying to figure out the jiggling boobs mod to try and edit a skeleton, find a way to make something vaguely physics based and apply it to the male anatomy for Robert's body and Derrax's male werewolves, and maybe the horny dogs mod. I want to see large swinging dicks and balls in Skyrim and its only a matter of time. fair enough, but the only thing I am actually capable of is weight painting. Its usefull, but I have zero knowledge of the other stages. so I know I've got to edit the skeleton, re-rig th
  3. not so sure I'm a fan of that particular model. Slof has a selection of rather good models hanging around, 3 breeds. http://www.slofslair.co.uk/index.php?page=modarticle&modarticle/id=5yxzyvgghcm http://www.slofslair.co.uk/index.php?page=modarticle&modarticle/id=5yyljdhexve
  4. between me and GDelscribe, mostly GDelscribe, we have a little something to tide you over until the OP finishes his mod. Besides that, getting this going has been a learning exercise. Maybe now he and I can get the 'corrupting all the animals' mod closer to completion. In the meantime, this should relieve some of the oddness of the foxes being without anything down there while all the other canines have been lucky so far; Also, I've rotated the balls a bit to make them hang down, rather than sideways for the fox. foxjunk.rar
  5. The sheath model for all the dogs has a bit of a problem. Their balls are sitting at a strange angle. You might want to rotate the scrotum to sit at a more appropriate angle.
  6. no, there's stuffed wolves in your trophy room, if you choose to have any. all of them emasculated
  7. I wonder if you would consider making correct versions of the wolf trophies for hearthfire?
  8. thats pretty cool. I've been trying to do this for ages, with Gdelscribe. Not giving up on it. Just fumbling around uselessly getting hints, trying stuff out and seeing what doesn't work. Can I ask you, though. Please don't neglect the unarmored huskies.
  9. I'm not bothering with horses, check out slof's stallions if you want horsecocks. I'm adding male genitals to the following -Wolves -Rabbits -Sabre Cats -Bears -Foxes -Elk -Deer I'm waiting for GDelscribe to fix some issues with his gonad models and I'm waiting on 3ds files with the models for Foxes, Elk and Deer rigged to their skeletons because I'm having problems when it comes to importing them from .nif to .3ds.
  10. I thought this thread died. but I don't understand whats going on? has someone finally managed to figure out how to give jiggle physics to male genitals?
  11. I figured out rigging genitals to the skeleton but I'm waiting for GDelscribe to send me some repaired meshes. I'm also trying to accrue the husky, deer, elk and fox meshes rigged to their skeletons. Importing to 3ds isn't working right for some reason.
  12. sexual dimorphism for animals. I don't like how 'clean' everything is.
  13. Glad to see someone more capable than I is trying. I'll keep working on figuring my attempt out, but May I make two suggestions for you though? Don't forget foxes and let canines put their cocks back in their sheathes when they aren't aroused.
  14. ok, so importing the new meshes results in this thing where the models aren't animated and hilariously slide along the ground. I'm missing a step, someone mind throwing me a better guide to importing meshes for characters and animals?
  15. so after a 20 minute crash course in bit-mapping I finally got the hang of it to some extent. I kind of knew what I was doing before, now I'm more secure. as for male horses, I don't need to bother. look at this; http://www.slofslair.co.uk/index.php?page=modarticle&modarticle/id=629ux8cu9d1 anyway, GDelscribe has been nice enough to send me models and I'm adding them to wildlife as I go. so, we have our first male animal here, textured and ready to have everything put together and imported into Skyrim. I haven't rendered him with the alpha texture. as I said, canines first and eve
  16. If I can get a hold of the needed models, I'll put them on the corresponding animals AND texture them, put them in-game and post the mod here. I'm only unable to actually make the meshes because I'm inexperienced with 3d modelling... but texturing is perfectly fine.
  17. I've been learning how to import and export files to and from skyrim and its pretty easy if a little time consuming. Meaning I can make a few silly mods. The problem is I have very little experience in organic modelling so all I can do is make silly mods. Thankfully Derrax has taken liberties and modded the werewolves, alienslof has turned horses into stallions so we're on the right path. I'd actually like to continue the slow corruption of Skyrim's wildlife but I can't make the relevant genitalia. So what I'm asking for are models of the desired animal's "stuff". I'll add them to the
  18. yeah, I'm having a look around and things seem technical. I'm going to have a go at it, but no promises. I have a busy life off the internet and I'm not going to flunk college or lose my job for the sake of animating someone's junk
  19. I know this may have been asked before, but this is a 67 page long thread. Are you considering a male penis n balls physics version?
  20. Ok, so all the nude male mods make their manbits look like they're concrete. 100% made of concrete. now I could ask if someone would address this but given the amount of threads with zero finished content here I wondered if I can do this myself. well, it's more accurate to say "havoked" penis. Downloaded the creation kit and my brain stopped. So I'm in the process fo learning what's going on. So far I learned that animations are down to a skeleton of some kind, fine. and that even before the creation kit was out someone created bouncing boobs. Well, I want to make a bouncing penis mod
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