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  1. Well this is promising. I hope you take this to fruition. SoS with jiggle physics? Please tell me you'll integrate it with moonlight tales! Honestly, I won't say its "immersive", becasuse we all understand its a lie. I just like male nudity
  2. hmm... I wonder at something. So I have Moonlight Tales installed and I was curious about getting the textures to work properly, because right now I use a vaguely hacky-and-deletey way to persuade the game to just use one variant with a matching texture. If I went through each variant and made schlong textures to match, how would I integrate the two mods? I can't script to save my life. If I create the resources, would someone be willing to put things together?
  3. use subdivision in blender or 3ds max.
  4. I have a wierd issue where even making sure SKSE was working perfectly I can't get the size of the schlong to change. It was working okay till i installed Dual Sheath Redux, now that one particular thing won't work.
  5. I'm trying to, the issue for me is JFF doesn't offer any kind of proper way to visually see the changes I make, so for someone like me who has very few clues on how this works: its trial and error value editing with no feedback which has mostly been error because a lot of the physics behaviors so far don't make much sense. The schlong will mercilessly impale the testes and the testes constantly want to fly up into the werewolf's groin. I'm also inhibited by the fact I can't yet find a route of importing the .xml file data into 3ds max along with the werewolf and the skeleton so I can use h
  6. Thanks, I'm downloading and installing right now. I'll see what this does for me. I feel kind of silly asking so much but I kind of want to spend more time making things than figuring out the basics... now if I could only find the thing in the .xmls that changes that skeleton directory.
  7. Very handy, I can see what the physics does but I kinda need to be able to open this in 3ds max and understand how these things are interacting in 3D space, rather than changing things with the trial and error method. I have managed to figure out whats what with JFF and understand what HDT IS by reading the xml files... but now I want to be able to edit and change things in 3ds max with visual clues as to what I'm doing. JFF is fine for changing the physics around but I wouldn't know how to add or remove structures, stop the penis's strange behaviors when colliding with the scrotum... or e
  8. So for the odd bastard like me who simply wants properly jiggly balls and schlong on their character without concern for having erections... simply because all I have the mod for is to remove the ken doll look, then I have the all clear to go and create that? and so would I literally just be adding capsules to things? There's a YouTube tutorial on creating the floppy hair, and I suppose for my purposes all I'd do is follow along but do something slightly different?
  9. I clicked on here out of curiosity and I have to be honest; its a pretty badly made mod. If you're going to make mods for this kinda thing then at least get the dick textures to match and look at some real tits for reference. Generally they aren't shaped like torpedoes haphazardly glued to your chest.
  10. Can someone answer some questions for me HDT physics, seen it I know what it is. Is it out? how do I get it and I want it on all of the men and werewolves in skyrim, what do? Is it even available right now and where can I keep track of it?
  11. Right, so for anyone who's a fan of the naturalistic werewolves skin I've done a thing; small hatchet, crow bar and power tool job to cobble this together. I've gone and made a textures for SOS that should better match the naturalistic fur. I've also included the .psd file if anyone with actual skill is willing to make a better texture than me. So one screenshot here to show you what you're downloading, and one zip file containing the three texture files, a read me and the .psd file. Naturalistic Wolves Schlongs.rar
  12. Trying to create a texture for the WW schlong that matches the naturalistic werewolves skin... I just realized its quite hard to make a convincing texture
  13. Thankyou for releasing it! I get to play skyrim again!
  14. There is one problem I have with SoS. The problem is that is that I like it, and to that extent that when a new update with new stuff in it is coming out soon I stop wanting to play Skyrim until the update is out. I haven't played Skyrim in ages waiting for the werewolf update and now I'm impatient to get going again!
  15. Is there an ETA for this? have to say I've been wanting the Werewolves for quite a while
  16. hmm, Is there any progress with the werewolves?
  17. I'm using 1.06.14. and skyUI works so I genuinely have that right. The issue is SOS doesn't actually work when installed manually or with the nexus mod manager. SOS doesn't show up in mod configuration and very few of the scripts fucntion properly. Only the ones that allow me to wear armours, trigger NPC's to undress and get erections. I can only really describe the problem to you in terms of what is and isn't working. I honestly don't know whats up.
  18. yeah, the load order has been checked. Its a very strange error. that said, is SOS supposed to come up in mod configuration under the UI mod?
  19. I'm entirely confused by this. A clean install of Skyrim, and SKSE and the UI things have been installed and both work. I install the SOS mod, and run it with the SKSE .exe. Everything's fine. However there's no option to calibrate the SOS mod, and the change size potions have absolutely no effect. Does someone mind posting a video on manually installing it. Simply so I can check I have done everything properly. I've given up on using the nexus mod manager.
  20. Ok, new problem. After fixing my install of SKSE now all potions cause an erection regardless of anything.
  21. Is there any reason why the potions have absolutely no effect? yes, installed with NMM. but none of your potions work.
  22. when last week you said release in 1-2 weeks, is it realistic to assume roughly this weekend?
  23. hmm, I've been mucking around but it seems you've figured stuff out. I'm simply learning to rig better. Anyway, I do have something that may be worth dealing with. I've been editing Derrax's male werewolf mesh and I've managed to create an erect version of the humanoid thing going on there. if you can do something similar for werewolves, I'll supply you with the edited mesh via a dropbox link. PM me if you want it, dropbox links in public are a death sentance.
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