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  1. I found a solution to my stability issues, install SSME and get ENBoost working. Things have been perfectly smooth since I did that, with no crashes and no missing texture bugs. I'd recommend adding that to the OP somewhere with the warning that yiffy age uses a LOT of high resolution textures and allocating better memory usage with SSME and getting ENBoost working is going to do a fuckton for getting yiffy age to play nice with ETAC and SMIM.
  2. Anyone got a screencap of the loincloths? I haven't had an opportunity to update to .3. but I'd like to see how the loincloths look. Sounds fun
  3. Well, most of the textures included in the mod are relatively high-res (4096 compressed diffuses and speculars and 2048 uncompressed normals), and since human(oid) races are now separate, there are more textures to load where only a single texture set was loaded before with the same group of NPCs, so that does have an impact. The Hoodies scripts and the NiOverride fix cloak also hit performance as well, though I'm not sure to which extent (seems to be negligible in my system, but then again it's pretty beefy). I'm aware. I generally try not to install textures over that sort of 102
  4. Any advice on stabilizing skyrim with this mod? Just the standard High res DLC, SMIM, ETAC and some distance and LOD mods. Which used to be perfectly stable for me. These things do not play nice now that I've gone full furfag and use this mod. Perfectly stable when I'm out in the country, however if I go into the a settlement then things begin to shit the bed. I'm mainly getting CTD's and pink unloaded textures in scenes with a lot of stuff in them. The inconsistency with the way these things occur screams to me that it's a vram and memory allocation problem.
  5. Seems to be fixed with the following: Updated and reinstalled absolutely everything. Skyrim's running nicely now. It's just too much out of date stuff it seems.
  6. I have an error pop up, [FloppySOS] Wrong hdtPhysicsExtensions.dll! check installation instructions. >Nevermind, if you see this error reinstall the mod. you've likely accidentally overwritten the mod's own version of this file.
  7. I'd gladly use that thread, mind linking it? I just want to get my skyrim working properly so I'm looking for assistance so I'll be happy to use it as long as I actually get some help there. This is a fairly old installation of skyrim. I've been out of the skyrim loop for ages, so most of that has gone a bit over my head. USLEEP, what is it and should I have it?
  8. Got a few things going on and I can't seem to squish all the problems. Solve a few weird behaviours and Skyrim started to CTD in populated areas after a brief freeze. Started having CTD's in populated areas. Just want to know how to get my skyrim functional and possibly make it stable again. Load Order: papyrus log from latest crash: I would greatly appreciate any possible help in getting my game back in working order . Also, generare FNIS Behaviours turns up a single warning, how do I figure out what it's worried about? I have a small feeling this is
  9. Can't ignore what hasn't been received/read, to begin with. Might want to choose your wording wisely next time, mate I can't speak for Kitty, no clue when she was last on; however, for me, I've been away for at very least 2 months. Anyway, my point is, don't get rumours started with skewed or untrue context Don't want to cause trouble, but I'm not lying. Maybe this site's UI is misleading or something.
  10. I've contacted both people involved with this. Both Kritta and Porsche Dog saying I'll happily get the assets ingame and release the mod as is. My messages have been read and ignored and nothing else has surfaced of it. So do consider this dead.
  11. I'm also getting this bug when I equip a shield. Odd, happened to me after letting LOOT reorder my mods.
  12. Having a fun one, it seems guards are all getting the vectorplexus average schlong no matter what. Not sure why, though. If they're all doggos, I'd rather they have sheaths.
  13. I have, and recieved no response.
  14. Every time I start paying attention to something it dies XD. Just for people sticking with older editions of Skyrim, you won't leave us out in the rain will you? :x.
  15. I wish to report with everything working, I was crashing nearly every time I entered a new cell with a high population and the physics.dll has resolved that with about 95% success. To the point I think that it's just skyrim being skyrim accounting for the other 5%.
  16. Does the hdtPhysicsExtensions.log file say anything more? I just had a longshot breakthrough, I think it works now. It appears that you need to have this installed http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/676-xp32-maximum-skeleton-extended-xpmse/ For the werewolves and VL to work. Should probably put that on the OP. Thanks for the helpfulness tho!
  17. Still can't get the Werewolf schlong to use the floppy physics :/ I've left the papyrus log down below of a quick test, anyone have ANY clue?
  18. Hey, when you transform to werewolf is it normal for the schlong to go to it's smallest size after transforming? Usually to fix it I need to change the schlong back and forth or change the size by an increment in the MCM menu. But this could be linked to another bug I'm experiencing with SOS. I'd love someone to let me know if they experience this.
  19. I've found more on the behaviour when it comes to not working on werewolves... or the vamp lords for that matter. It just outright doesn't work on either of them but when changing back I have to disable and re-enable the floppy-ness. Does that mean that transformations are interrupting the script or the werewolf is somehow incompatible? The schlong is working as standard SOS would have it, but it just ain't happy with this mod.
  20. Nobody knows? :< it should only affect the schlong, if your ww isnt using a sos schlong its not gonna be floppy It is using a SoS schlong, one that comes with the mod actually. but the mod doesn't seem to work when I'm a WW.
  21. I may have missed something, but this don't seem to work with Werewolves (Mighty Beasts). Is it not compatible with them yet?
  22. I have a question here... I use this alongside Moonlight tales, which means that all the wolves regardless of their fur colour retain the vanilla black coloured schlong. Is it possible, if I create the relevant colour matched textures, to get the schlongs to match the werewolf variations? and how would I go about doing that? I'm hoping it's simple, since all I really have is the ability to texture
  23. its why you never set yourself a release date for scripting till you're in the optimizing stages where its already working. Modding is meant to be leasurely, just... do it at you're leisure while giving the odd progress report. Its what most people do.
  24. the man has been having issues with scripts. I suppose its on hiatus till he learns or gets help
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