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  1. I'm having issues with the carts at the beginning, since I decided to quit the mess that is nexus mod manager and move on to mod organizer. I've naturally gone for the fresh install, and figured I'd mimic my mod load order from last time. then realized I'm doomed. New savegame, and as is predictable something's utterly broken the carts. I'm stuck in the driver's seat, everyone else has fallen off the cart and naturally this breaks the chain of scripted events making it impossible to start the game. I hate that damn intro sequence. should probably provide my
  2. Well, I found something interesting that points to HDT schlongs being viable. To try something out, I sent the floppySOS mod to the back of my loading order. IT WORKS. however, with a caveat. It's got a clash with one script or another, and so the schlong will at some point start cycling through all the arousal states rapidly. Also, for me hair mesh 35 on the nords still results in a ctd.
  3. ahahaha. I love sharing that song. Never fails to get a discussion going. and I find it annoyingly catchy personally. I've had serious moments in my life undermined by the fact the song stuck in my head is like "there is no COCK like horse COCK... SeNd YoUr AaShOlE iNtO ShOcK" but no, you take the time you need there bad dog c:. you've done great work so far!
  4. Out of curiosity, but think there would be an equine furry mod in the works? For obvious reasons. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2dJ-JUzhVs
  5. I wonder when YA will stabilise to the point it's possible to stay up to date and keep a save again. I want to start another skyrim playthrough, it's been about a year since I played last and fancy it again.
  6. Sheaths are floppy. I own a border collie and his sheath doesn't sit tight against his body, it swings side to side as he walks in a very noticible way xD. It's just what dicks seem to do. It's a dick in a little pouch, it'll flop around. I don't want to investigate any more than just reporting what I can see though. I'm a furfag, not a zoophile. I'll tell you what I've seen but I ain't touching that without it being attached to something anthropropmorphic :L.
  7. Whichever happens would make me very very happy! I just want HDT dicks back :L hell, if you can one-up floppySOS and get sheaths to be floppy too, I'd be over the moon! ?
  8. Simply, there doesn't appear to be any physics on the dick itself when I use your HDT package, though there are on the balls. The reason I like floppySOS is because it applies the physics to both the cock and balls at the same time. It's not so bad when you give all characters a sheath, but I have a fair mix of sheaths and anthro schlongs about with the way I set up the schlong probabilities. I don't like the way the SOS 'lag bones' move. Hence, a floppySOS patch would be great.
  9. Hey, mind doing a floppySOS patch or finding a way to make it behave like I could get it to back in V4? I could get it by excluding the files that got HDT behaviour on SOS bones in your HDT patch. I love V5, the quality of the meshes is so good but do find myself missing when it comes to physics on dicks :<
  10. Should increase it's exposure then. How can we circulate his patreon to help him out? I can't chip in more than a buck or two, since I'm not exactly rich myself. but enough people doing that will be handy. 15 patrons is just a matter of poor exposure
  11. Oh, no lights at all tells me that it's your PSU. A functional powersupply will power on, but if your motherboard is at fault then it'll sit there spinning it's fans trying to boot a nonexistant computer - at least for a time. The issue is, it probably bricked your motherboard along with it if it surged. I might be inclined to recommend a transplant of your laptop's hard drive into a desktop computer in order to recover your data. I know you can't afford to replace it, but why not setup a patreon? I'd donate. A few bucks here and there over a couple of months, from vari
  12. Whats wrong with your laptop precisely? Maybe I can help you there. You do a lot for us with this mod, I'd be happy to offer a bit of technical assistance if you describe the issue to me Another thing, I have the floppySOS mod installed. I noticed that the balls like to flop around with physics, which is nice but schlongs don't, they have that SoS style laggy movement to them. Any way around this? I like having the physics on dongs setup like before
  13. Well, it seems to be a specific nord hair that does it regardless of how quickly or slowly I scroll through them. A specific hair, somewhere in the 30's. At least for me.
  14. seems some of the nord hair causes my game to immediately CTD. Was scrolling through it in the character selector. No dice. that might be some of your crashy hair
  15. lolwat? that face. It looks like someone hit them on the top of the nose with a hammer. A lot of these pics actually have really disasterous looking muzzles. particularly https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMBb-AgYX5jvIV0SpZWl1X_zXuyTPi3GlqwnvdWKJxPTNxmowYEBH4SVusiQjjhiA/photo/AF1QipN9mlTol6XYTgwew86ctcJU76CvNczATYpB08Te?key=RUZxSkdnV2JYSlZoMVYyV29CVjUwV1c4TGRMcXlR https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMBb-AgYX5jvIV0SpZWl1X_zXuyTPi3GlqwnvdWKJxPTNxmowYEBH4SVusiQjjhiA/photo/AF1QipNyXbCpZuTH6vIuhnJOpps66kKP5sbtVO5NY3cN?key=RUZxSkdnV2JYSlZoMVYyV29C
  16. It's been a while since I looked at this mod, I have a question. I use floppySOS to enjoy jiggly male physics, but you at some point in this thread brought up that you have your own setup that accomplishes the same thing. It's been long enough that I'm sort of seeing this all with fresh eyes, can someone give me an in depth explanation of what I'd need to install? Because I don't know if I literally just install the BD EZ HDT thing, or if I'm to fuck around trying to get the naturalistic HDT stuff to work.
  17. just a minor thing, I noticed you have dick physics but they're really rigid. His junk should be flopping about and swinging freely as he moves. Like a real dick beyond that, looks like a fun little demo. Can't wait to see it become a game.
  18. Okay, so. Talos statues: Fine. Guardian Statues outside the college of winterhold: Furry Mara Statue: Furry Azura Statue: Human Diabella Statue: Furry Main statue in the college of winterhold: Human WELL thats confused me. it's likely to be fixed by doing as you suggested and copypasting meshes and textures back over the ingame files. It's just weird how that we have two random statue models without the furry appearance. EDIT: copypasted manually, even directly copying the files didn't help.
  19. I meant their location ingame, since I don't often see these statues about I'm not sure where to find. I'm just curious incase it's something I've done wrong to the college in particular. Ideally I want the main statue in the college to be furry again
  20. Isn't this mod meant to alter the statue in the college of winterhold? I'm using the immersive college mod, but everything related to yiffy age is lower down in my load order. Yet the main statue remains human. Everything is fine in the loading screens, no humans appear there. I know the Talos statue is furrified, not sure about others since I don't really know where to find other statues. I'd like a list of ones altered by the mod and places to find them so I can check that out. and possible help as to why the main statue in the college is not furry. It's actually a lo
  21. You're not wrong, I'm a furfag guilty as charged. I'm entirely about anthros :P
  22. just a content thing, but I've found it odd that nobody's created any kind of horse type race. You'd think with the reputation horses have for their... endowment you'd end up with someone trying.
  23. one, those upgraded fox heads look great. Also curious on the rabbits, giving them the canine sheath seems like a bad idea, and the feline cocks would look odd on them. would they just end up getting the humanoid schlong or a whole new schlong type?
  24. Per chance, but there's the occasional oddball like me who likes the vanilla look of the game. So installing an ENB, something I figured was just a graphics mod till I looked into it in depth, never occured to me. So a warning about ENBoost would probably help quite a few more people.
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