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  1. My sim's wife was away working and he took the chance to invite you home... along with some of his friends. Things got interesting quickly. Later there was a 2nd round in the jacuzzi...
  2. My sim met you at a pub and you got it going almost immediately in the pool: He's married and has 3 children, but the motherfucker drilled your pussy without a condom Then he put you on all fours and started to fuck your ass You weren't complaining, though...
  3. My Sim has a hobby... he wants to be the alpha male of his neighborhood, and an easy way to fulfill his ambition is to remove every possible competitor from the market. How? Well, he seduces men and convinces them to become women, a slow process that can take a long, long time. But when it works... well, let's just say the results make him real horny. ? His first prey was this guy you probably know... Johnny Zest. He saw great potential in him: By the time he was finished with Johnny, he had become... Janine Zest. Here are some pictures of her new self:
  4. They're perfect! Will you share them? I can certainly make a place for 2 beauties like them in my neighborhood.
  5. Do you still need to post twice before being able to upload screenshots and files?
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