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    somewhere, but i wish i were there: 1.4988° N 173.0160° E
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    games: TS2 TS3 ts4, Halo, System Shock, some Paradox stuff, and now The Witcher (Enhanced Edition Director's Cut).
    because i game on an iMac, there aren't that many choices available.
    (note: "Gaming on a Mac" is — per se — a Paradox)

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  1. G R A N T E D ! from now on, i'll only post selfies that won't creep you out! • • • • • [ e d i t ] i wish i didn't constantly forget to post my wishes to be corrupted.
  2. ¡ ¡ ¡ B A N N E D ! ! ! for disguisedly citing a Dark Trash Metal rock band — Opprobrious Cephalectomy — in this propaganda-free thread!!!
  3. B A N N E D • A L L • O F • Y O U Psalam, @worik, @EvalovesEP, and all others for being too funny and making me laugh my head (and lungs?) off!!!
  4. ¡ G R A N T E D ! from now on, all people in the world speak and understand one simple tongue; this: [ edit: a charming tongue, indeed ] • • • • • i wish life would be a bit dyslexic for once and give me melons instead of lemons.
  5. and 11029 from somewhere in Europe — if i'm not wrong.
  6. for your Monday, milady Worik:


    1. worik



      More like..




    2. ZenBuddhist



      alright, then!

  7. i hope you peeps don't mind the change of subject, but i guess i'm in love:
  8. B A N N E D ! ! ! for not specifying which lost boy i would be — that is: if i were ever a lost boy.
  9. and i was down in my recording studio wondering if today is someone's birthday, so:
  10. good morning, Doctor P. i thought you might like this for 11013:
  11. B A N N E D ! ! ! for getting older — and for getting wiser!
  12. i do; [ i ] was just trying to be funny, actually. this one's for you and this to our friend Worik: hope you peeps like them.
  13. i second that, Swiftstep. and perhaps a PDF version for download, as well.
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