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    somewhere, but i wish i were there: 1.4988° N 173.0160° E
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    games: TS2 TS3 ts4, Halo, System Shock, some Paradox stuff.
    because i game on an iMac, there aren't that many choices available.
    (note: "Gaming on a Mac" is — per se — a paradox)

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  1. my apologies for the series of mistakes on my previous post. two reasons that explain — but do not justify — them: The Witcher Enhanced Edition Director's Cut, and the lack of 👓 at that moment. shame on me, though; s h a m e • o n • m e: an over the hill, decrepit, and inexcusable being — not less.
  2. milady Worik, i just saw the fatal errors i made on that thread "Count To 1,000,000" due to my "The Witcher" excitement (and lack of spectacles): instead of 10729 i posted 10279 THEN 10280. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! perhaps i should apologise to Dr. @Psalam for those mistakes — even though i believe they are defensible, therefore forgivable: The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director's Cut. ( and no 👓 ) thanks * 1,000,000 again for your help, milady. wish you a wonderful Tuesday.
  3. that's good to know, milady Worik. if anyone needs the counseling of an Armenian therapist, i recommend 10729: • • • • • • D A M N • • • • • •
  4. it will probably do; yet, you might want to try this old French beast — it will take you anywhere:
  5. if it is close to Filsham Valley Town Centre, this might help, Dr. Psalam:
  6. watching the first YouTube video; it's impressive, milady Worik — breathtaking! by Oblivion!!! i'm wordless. the game is already sitting in my computer; i'll read through the guide, install it, and try it as an Idiotic Novice later on this evening! i'm actually excited about all this. thanks again, milady. ❤️ cheers.
  7. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH! well; quoting our friend milady @worik: Safety First.
  8. WOW, milady Worik: that's great!!! can't wait till this beast ( 🙂 ) is finished downloading (still over 30 minutes to go). thank you for the explanation; i'm kind of used to having to Mod my own games due to this platform. OS X is a solid system (especially up to version 10.11), but the hardware lacks real game/video processing power. if my budgeting works right, by this time next year i'll have another hackintosh built on a PC gaming hardware — for personal use only — and retire this iMac. i'm already waiting, milady Worik. thanks for everything. cheers!
  9. and another; this time a gorgeous Tropidolaemus Subannulatus:
  10. milady Worik, hello; hope this finds you well. so earlier this morning i acquired "The Witcher — Enhanced Director's Cut" for my Platform (Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.6) from GOG, and am downloading it as i write. the package is rather complete, with all goodies included, and my rather beaten-up iMac config surpasses the recommended system requirements. since 1. i never — and i insist: never ever — played any of The Witcher franchise titles before but; 2. would like to try it and have the game eventually Modded, yet; 3. i'm on the Mac OS X platform so have no idea whether Skyrim/The Witcher 3 Mods will run on my game version and platform or not; i'd like to ask for some help on playing it and (sooner or later) Modding The Witcher. hence i ask: • any idea where to find some sound literature about Modding the game? • do you know of any Mac user who plays a Modded version of The Witcher? thanks for the blog and for your assistance, milady Worik. cheers.
  11. my apologies, Dr. Psalam, M.D.; i didn't mean to pry. i just exposed myself a bit for the sake of conversation, and ultimately, friendship. speaking of which — exposure, i mean;
  13. this is indeed a beautiful Saree, Dr. Psalam; would love to have one of these waiting for me at home. back to "Things i never — ever — did," among many others i'd include: • went to India • went to Bhutan • been a hippie • played "Gold•Rush — The Game"
  14. for that value, the model is included — i presume? for a radical change of subject: have you ever been to India, Dr. Psalam?
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