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  1. hey, @ThirstyAchiever, nice TS4 animation; thanks for sharing. cheers,
  2. Thanks for the thumbs up. :)

    1. ZenBuddhist


      i thank you for sharing your creations.

      cheers, Achiever!

  3. good point, MrGrey. i tried the Mod but it crashed my game as soon as i pressed the F1 key. i have a different camera tuning installed (Buhudain NoDrift Low Level Modified v.1.55) and i believe it might have conflicted with this Mod — even though the developer (QuackGames) claims that; "This is a pure scripting mod compiled on the 1.67 (latest) version of the game. It simply adds a new behaviour to the game and doesn't override any game tunings, so there shouldn't be any conflicts with other mods or CC." then again: i'm on a Macintosh running TS3 through a Windows-Emulator named "Wine;" not all Mods behave as expected. cheers, all
  4. hey, Vampire Girl, Namaradus got a point: if you're trying to load and play a KW-Saved game, it will crash once Kinky World is removed. The Sims 3 comes with eight Core Script libraries: • three of these belong to the .NET/MONO (Windows) framework; • the other five — together — form the TS3 Engine (script engine). A Mod that modifies or overrides one of these Resources is deemed as Core Mod. as a TS3 "Rule of Thumb:" if you change your Mods set by adding, reinstalling, or removing Mods, start afresh (open TS3 and start a new game) — especially if you are dealing with Core Mods such as KW, NRaas, AwesomeMod, and a few others. as far as i know — and please correct me if i'm wrong, @TwilightStorm — Passion isn't a Core Mod; it is a Character-Oriented Interactive Animation Player (better say: sex animation) for TS3. because of that, it has no direct interference with neither TS3's mechanics nor scripting. since i'm on an Unix-based platform, things are a bit more difficult; i usually have to regenerate my "Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/" folder every time a Mod is installed/modified/uninstalled. TS3 is worth the extra work, imo. hope you get your game running fine in no time. cheers,
  5. i see. from my previous experience, i still believe you have a corrupted Mod — one that is troubling your game. finding it is a tedious task, Vampire Girl; usually, you have to try on a one-by-one basis until the problematic Mod is found. a wearying — but doable — process. from what i could see in your "xcpt DESKTOP-RORKV85 19-04-23 21.29.39.txt" document, you have a solid computer with enough memory and processing power to play the game with several of CC and Mods, so hardware is not the issue. i'll take a short break from LL and will be back later on today. hope you resolve this promptly. cheers,
  6. hey, Vampire Girl, i guess you moved your "/The Sims 3/" folder to the desktop, then opened TS3 and started afresh?
  7. duplicated files would surely trigger exceptions and crash games. cheers,
  8. Hey, Vampire Girl, i gave "xcpt DESKTOP-RORKV85 19-04-23 21.29.39.txt" a look, and the exception occurred at address: 0x008cc116. the document doesn't specify if a Mod (or which Mod) triggered the exception; nonetheless, i several times got the same ending — "cc116" exception — when i had corrupted Mods installed. perhaps @TwilightStorm can help you to clarify it better; however, have you already tried reinstalling all the Mods? or, for that matter: moving your "/Documents/The Sims 3/" folder to another area (the Desktop, for example) then running TS3 so to regenerate the "/Documents/The Sims 3/" folder? hope this helps, and for you to have TS3 up and running in no time. cheers,
  9. hello, Nanashi-San, i couldn't really say. i've been away from LL for a couple years; even though i developed mods and CC (mostly the latter) for TS2, i never truly got into modding for TS3. some developers such as Twaillan (NRaas) or J.M.Pescado and his team (from MATY — More Awesome Than You) did a significant job at that; i decided to lay back and be a player. i do feel like getting into creating some TS3 animations, though. MrGrey's post inferred some elements a developer would be aware of, such as in his sentences; "Sims 4 was targeted for online play, but failed" and "there is no collision or mesh physics." even if it's not his field of work, he knows what he is writing about: is well-informed about the differences between TS3 and 4 as well the latter flaws. i read in Shiori栞-San's profile she has done some modding; she's probably more capable of answering your question than I. i wish you the very best, Nanashi-San; cheers,
  10. reinforcing @MrGrey's excellent post, i believe this is the case where a Python versus C# comparison is needed, Nanashi-San. Python • Open-Source; • Powers websites such as Youtube, Pinterest, and Instagram; • One of the most popular languages, it finds excellent use in recent development trends such as machine learning; • While Object-Oriented, developers write Procedural Code as well; • Dynamically-Interpreted Language; • Outperforms C# in development time; • Free of charge, and maintained by a passionate community; • Works in all Systems/Platforms; • Since it’s maintained by its community, cannot guarantee the same support as Microsoft. C# • Proprietary, part Microsoft .NET; • Powers Stack Overflow and cutting-edge technologies such as MS Hololens; • Designed for the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI); • Fully Object-Oriented; • Statically-Typed Compiled Language; • Outperforms Python in applications such as game engines; • Paid, and maintained by Microsoft and its vast and resourceful ecosystem; • Developed for Windows — still the best OS to develop in this language (i'm a Mac user, so to develop in C# i have to stick to Visual Studio Code and a generator called Yeoman); • By paying a Premium plan, developers get excellent support by Microsoft. in 2015 — November, if i'm not wrong — TS3 was patched to its last version: 1.69.43 (Windows platform). versions for Linux and Mac OS X, which use a compiler named "Wine," remained in patch's version 1.67.2 (released in January 24, 2014). most Mods developed after 2014 works for the latter, while many Mods developed for earlier versions were updated and sometimes overhauled. hope this helps. cheers,
  11. some really despairing stuff above. i heard Peggy Lee's "Mirrors" album for the first time when i was 14; dad deeply admired her, and gave me "Mirrors" for my birthday. the song "The Case of M.J." left me wordless — it was like someone had stabbed my heart several times. • later on, while attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, i learned "The Case of M.J. (Mari Jane)" actually referred to Norma Jeane Mortenson, aka Marilyn Monroe. the song then had a profound impact on me. cheers or tears, all.
  12. Hello, KJ, i believe you haven't broken any rule, so no need to worry. you should try Mod the Sims' adult sister site "SexySims." they have some nice decor and apparel stuff for TS2, 3, and 4. you need to subscribe, though. also, Twinfinte dot net has a good article on this subject. here's the link in case you want to check it. cheers and good luck.
  13. i was going to write; "don't mention it." yet… 🙂
  14. hello, Vampire Girl, hope this finds you well. i have both Mods installed and have been using them in every game for the past couple years or so. as far as i know, they never conflicted. cheers,
  15. hello, Pagan, first of all: you're welcome. since you tried both approaches, and because the game began crashing for no reason, i presume it's not a game or hardware issue; it is most probably an external element (Mod, CC, or Cache file) interfering with TS3's mechanics. even so, it's a good idea to read this article on hardware and Windows related crashes. in cases like this, one should try to find the problem by working it reversely and eliminating its variables. hence — if you may: 1. run TS3 without NRaas: please move its modules outside “/The Sims 3/Mods/“ folder and start the game; 2. if TS3 shows no problem, then one of NRaas modules got somehow corrupted. you should do a clean reinstall of the modules you had originally installed. yet; 3. if the problem continues, place NRaas modules back into their original location (inside the “/Mods/“ folder), and run the game without KW modules; 4. if TS3 works fine, probably one of KW's modules got corrupted, and you should do a clean reinstall of its packages; 5. if the issue persists, place KW modules back to their original location and repeat the process with the installed CC files, then with two little files that reside inside “/The Sims 3/DCCache/“ entitled “missingdeps.idx” and “dcc.ent” (note: when you run TS3 again, these files will be regenerated, so there's no need to place them back); 6. should the problem remain, then move the entire “/The Sims 3/“ folder to the desktop and run TS3 once again so it can generate a new “/The Sims 3/“ folder inside “/Documents/.” 7. run TS3, configure the game to your specs, quit, then move/overwrite the following content (folders/files) from “Desktop/The Sims 3/” to the afresh “Documents/The Sims 3/“ folder: • “/Mods/” • “/Collections/“ • “ContentPatch” • “CurrentGame.sims3” • “DeviceConfig.log” • “/Downloads/“ • “/FeaturedItems/“ • “/IGACache/“ • “/InstalledWorlds/“ • “/Library/“ • “/Recorded Videos/“ (if you have any) • “/SavedOutfits/“ (if you have any) • “/SavedSims/“ (if you have any) • “/Saves/“ • “userPresets.package” • “/WorldCaches/“ if you have any DCC (Downloaded Custom Content) installed, you’ll have to reinstall them. that should do it. i believe you know that a modded TS3 requires work and patience. also: Mods/CCs/Caches can get corrupted after some playing. if the problem lingers, please feel free to get in touch. cheers — ciao!
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