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  1. For some reason the trainer dialogue disappear after 1 second make it impossible to train without spam pressing E. I try to switch between charm and auto mode nothing change.
  2. It export the MCM setting but it not export two of these data it seem like SOS type/size per NPC and Voice type per NPC only save in skyrim save file
  3. I play 6 character in separate save I just want NPC that use "Reuse voice" option in sexlab and already get some SOS type from random system of SOS mod use the save voice and sos type in every save file. Maybe export as .Json and re-import to another save. Is there any way to do that?
  4. I ever have this problem but not sure it is the same case you or not. for me I made two mistake. first is I download the MNC for LE version so I get the SE version instead Second I test it in new game and it work fine after that I play for a while and setting other mod 5 save later the match making spell not work with with some creature anymore like wisp mother dragon priest and I already load SLAL animation for that creature. I don't know the root of the problem but the fix for me is I need to restart the sexlab in new save and tick allow creature then let it install animation then clos mcm and enter sexlab and tick match creature gender then everything work fine. [For some reason if not tick allow creature and import the old setting of sexlab instead it doesn't work but I install like 30-40 sexlab mod maybe it is conflict from another mod] If you still can't make it work with creature pay attention with ZAZ animation setting that exclude creature
  5. I have a problem that when load the save [newgame] the equip and unequip item sound will popup and after that when doing normal gameplay the NPC will comment "what you doing that for" like when you jump on their food table and drop some object in their home but it occur everywhere some time it make sound like I walk in to invisible "Tankard" [Iron coffee cup] and I die a lot when walk through object and skeleton pile like it stack up the physic force with some invisible object that stick around my character then deal the massive fall damage. I think it maybe about Sexlab parasite and Devious device because when load save it refresh parasite every time and I don't have these two mod before but these two mod is a requirement of many mod that I use is there anyway to fix it or it is another mod problem?
  6. 3 Way to Fix Head Clipping 💯💯💯 For those who download this profile mod install press G an then can't see your character nose Some method mention early in this thread by other member {{{M 1}}} Enter IFP mode by pressing G then press spacebar to jump as in the 3rd GIF that show in download page [Doesn't work for me : Not sure because I use "Skyrim Souls RE" and "SmoothCam" mod or maybe it is not relate] {{{M 2}}} Enter IFP mode by pressing G then Enter console and type any FOV number that not your current FOV [This method will make decoration in interior flicker if you only use IFP in sexlab scene enter IFP in sex scene then type FOV after finish sex season and want to play other gameplay or combat exit the IFP mode into 3rd person and type another FOV value to fix the flicker problem] {{{M 3}}} Like M 2 but use M button to enter map instead of typing FOV [I use this method when have sex G>M after sex G>M go out to do another quest or kill some dragon] This is workaround for a glitch but I still face the problem that when my character give a blowjob to NPC the belly of npc will Clipping no matter it is FOV 20 or 90
  7. Can someone tell me where can I set the hot key for enter the first person mode as npc in the crosshair I can't find it in IFPV.config.txt. I remember that I can do it when playing LE two years ago.
  8. If I use Creature framework , Sexlab animation , ZAZ framework , Devious device , SLAL what is a proper step to register or un register? because half of that mod tell me to reset it and tell other mod to reset it and that so confuse. B.T.W I need to unregister sexlab basic animation as well [110 human 67 creature] because I need slot for SLAL but it seem like it unregister some animation that require for ZAZ so confuse.
  9. I ever use look what you see and immersive first person then look at npc doing pair animation and it work. [Now I'm use SSE] I will try to use that two mod combine with 3PCO but I need to read about 3PCO first.
  10. I try to use sexlab animation on new game save and when press shift+spacebar [Previous stage] only my character get back to first stage animation but creature stuck with second stage animation if press "[" button [realign] both my character and creature get back to first stage animation but it realign my character twice and make the animation mismatch. *Animation only mismatch if get back to first stage of animation stage number 2-5 work fine *Both "previous stage" button and "realign" button work fine for human+human animation I have sexlab framework ,creature framework ,zaz framework ,Devious framework ,Dynamic Animation Replacer installed
  11. Can someone share ERF horse blend file and masking like this one? I manage to export the base [horse penis B model] by using outfit studio. for some reason I can't import the obj file that export via outfit studio to blender but I can import FBX file that export from outfit studio. The problem is the UV of the model is not in the same spot I manage to rotate the UV and make the diffuse texture to match realgirl skin texture but it is too hard to accurately edit the normal map.
  12. I'm looking for camera mod that add effect like handheld camera to TFC. I'm not sure the author use video editing program to make it all not but after browsing through loverslab thread like "futa content thread" I saw a lot of shaking effect on video clip that members post but I can't find the mod that do it. I also find the camera mod that work with sexlab in 1st mode for SkyrimSpecialEdition too because not work with SSE Thank you for reading.
  13. Is there any way to export UUNP morph setting from in-game racemenu? ?
  14. I want to create a lot of character like NPC for use in machinima. I had tried all of this method. 1. player.placeatme 00000007 : After some kind of reloaded (change cloth , end of sex animation , ETC) the NPC will change their appearance (only body) according to my character preset. 2. Familiar face https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/54509/ : This is great for making permanent cloning but take a lot of time per NPC. 3. Creation kit + nif merge : This way will take a ton of time for create one NPC. So i need some new idea to create the permanent character cloning. (I just want to create Npc with appearance don't need perk or items in inventory ) Sorry for my English?
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