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  1. I'm such a dumb cunt holy shit. I've wasted so much time before cleaning that 500mb save file when just simply disabling the SneakTools mod and saving again gives the same results. I feel dumb as fuck but still happy I know what the problem is.
  2. I was wrong, it wasn't the bashed patch but the mod itself. I don't know if it's SneakTools or it's patch but the problem has returned. My save file size was normal until I was doing the wedding dark brotherhood quest in Solitude. In just few minutes the save went from 40mb to 130mb. I've completed the quest yesterday and now I cleaned the save again with ReSaver. I like the SneakTools but if it's gonna act like a virus then there is no way for me to keep it. I'll try to reinstall it again and if the problem comes up again I'll get rid of it for good.
  3. Yeah, it seems bashed patch didn't work that well with SneakTools Patch or the mod alone. I went back to the old 500mb save again and cleaned it manually by filtering SneakTools in Active Scripts, References, and Suspended Stacks 1. The file went from 500mb to 38mb. Then with every next test save the file kept getting smaller and smaller and now it's only 14mb. Rest of Suspended stacks and references have cleaned itself that way. I'm so god damn happy, not only I was able to fix the issue but also I know what to look for in the future if anything similar would happen again. Thank you @GenioMaestro and @Grey Cloud for your help. If anything else gets in my way similar to this problem I'll make an update but for now I think the thread is closed. Take care guys!
  4. I have disabled my TES5edit and bashed patches to see if the problem is related to them. From what it seems bashed patched fucked up my sneak tools patch in some way. Everything seems fine when I used sneak tools with and without sneak tools patch. Only when I activate my bashed patch the script starts to multiply like crazy in thousands. I think I'm gonna stick to using Sneak tools and it's patch without Bashed patch for now. But again, should I go back to my 500mb save file and clean it again to make sure I haven't fucked up anything else? From what I saw in the game after cleaning the save files everything is okay but you never know. I don't want to go back in few hours or days finding some stuff missing or not working correctly. ^I want to make sure it's okay to clean those directories
  5. I've tried those 2 and they cleaned just few KB of old scripts so it wasn't that useful in my situation Yeah it has grown from 80mb to 500mb in a span of few quests. I've done 2 major ones: shrine of metile, talmor embassy and some other smaller quest but it was just weird for me to see such a big save file. Thanks to your suggestion I was able to clean my save somehow. I probably had fucked up some other mods but I used all of clean option of ReSaver just to check if it's worth trying to get it fixed, Only after checking active scripts and suspended stacks 1 I think I have the problem. It seems my SneakTools mod spams it's script related to checking relations between my modded mask and npcs around. Somehow these scripts don't get deleted and blob my save file. It was really hard to deal with the ReSaver. The program was freezing all the time bc of the size of my save, I even had to download older version just to be able to save the new cleaned save file. I've gave up yesterday since it seemed impossible to deal with it but today I got it to find a problem. Here are my another new questions: Should I try to clean the save again and make sure there are no other scripts than SneakTools in Active Scripts and Suspended Stacks 1? I'm pretty certain there were none in Active Scripts when I was scrolling through them but since the program was freezing and going through 400mb of scripts seems pointless and I can never be sure. I can't say the same about suspended stacks 1. As I've said I'm a noob but isn't this directory only for stuff that has already fucked up? Should it be clean all the time or am I wrong? Also should I simply remove the SneakTools mod or is there a way for me to get it fixed somehow? I'm using nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/19447/ and nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/39686 (this patch is currently disabled in my plugins since Bashed patched combined it's function with other mod patches) Sorry for long response and thank you for your advice guys. I know it's no customer service lol so it's nice to see you trying to help.
  6. Yes, I've tried it few times already. Even now I went just to make sure. Still long loading screens and 2-3m saves. I really need to fix this. https://imgur.com/a/IAbReAR
  7. Hey dudes. I'm gonna repost my problem from nexus forums. I hope you don't mind that, since I really want to get it fixed. Since yesterday I've been experiencing random freezes in the game. My saving/loading time is absurd, my save file went from around 80mb to 500mb. This started when I went to blue palace in Solitude. After going out of the place my loading screen went for few minutes and when I had tried to save it was the same. I went to my house in Whiterun just to see if some mods related to Solitude cause my save file to blob but it's still the same there. I've tried to see if something similar would happen to a new character. I made a new char with my current load order. I went to blue palace, talked to few npc there and everything had seemed to be alright. Save file is much smaller (obviously, since it's a new character) but nothing blobbed it in any strange way. At this state it's unplayable yet it would be a shame to lose that playthrough. I won't lie it's not my first problem with Skyrim modding, I had problems with VRAM before but with a help from Grey Cloud I was able to min/max my current load order. My setup: AMD FX-8120 Eight-Core 3,1 GHz Sapphire Radeon DUAL-X R9 270 2GB 16 GB RAM HDD 1TB (currently 140GB of free space) WIN7 It's skyrim legendary edition, newest patch. I'm using MO2. Yes, I'm using SKSE and ENBoost My load order:
  8. I don't know to be honest. Maybe those mods that I have are just content heavy. I'm currently playing through the story of project AHO and I'm positively suprised. Such a great mod - I'm happy I haven't cut it out. No, I'm running win7.
  9. Nope, I've tried both and I really can't put anything else into the game if I don't want to lose any more mods. Those textures may be nice but I'd rather prefer other stuff over them. I'll keep them in my MO just so If I end up upgrading any time soon - I'll have them ready. Thanks for suggesting stuff to try out. I think I don't have to tell you this again but I've thankful for your help and all.
  10. I don't have those plugins turn on, it just shows it that way. Thanks for those texture packs suggestions but as I've said - I'm pretty sure I can't add anything else to the mix or my gpu will crash while saving. I don't mind trying though.
  11. I've changed few mods and I'm really happy with my current loadout. It bumps me I can't add any more content mods and I can't afford a new GPU at the moment. I hope I'm gonna be able to get some cash saved up just so I can get to experience even more amazing stuff from modding communities. It's like a new world that I had be exposed to. My current load oder:
  12. Yeah I know but my VRAM won't let me use any more mods. If I try to get even the smallest texture pack I get black screens again, right after I try to save.
  13. I've worded it poorly. Ofc, I had saw only a small percentage of those bigger mods so I felt I should ask someone like you for your expertise. I'm thinking on disabling my sex mods for some more gameplay related mods out there. I haven't modded my combat that much so it would be nice to change that. I don't know yet if I'm gonna do it since I'm done for today when it comes to virtual tiddies but you never know what tomorrow may bring. I mean, I could just change them around depending on my current "needs". My current loadup is packed so if I'd want to add anything else - I'd had to get rid of something else first. I know it's not a proper sentence but my brain is killing me rn. I'm on my 4th coffee today and I feel like a walking corpse. I hope you know what I mean pal
  14. Yeah I get you. I was just trying to see if you know any cool mods that I may have missed while looking around forums, nexus or even youtube. A this point I'm unable to swap anything since it feels like it's just-so-close to breaking. I had tried to make work of better textures for npc's faces but even that won't fit no matter how big the pack is. They only option for me is to finally upgrade my GPU (probably with a better CPU aswell). Thanks for your advice mate
  15. First of all - thank you for explaining VRAM especially when it comes to Skyrim. If anyone else sees this thread they may have the biggest laughs in a long time but I really appreciate your help. I need to learn some more basic stuff about my PC so I won't waste my time like I have with this problem lol. I haven't really added anything to my current mod list, only disabled those mods that I don't care that much about. The only problem is Interesting NPC's didn't make the cut. With my current setup the biggest spike in VRAM was 1100. From what I can see in my AMD settings my gpu is overclocked to 1,4k (It should be correct, right?) so I don't know if should try to add some more stuff. Seems kinda risky. Maybe it's a stupid question to ask here but what would you recommend me to swap? I'm mainly asking for your personal preferences, any mods that you think are more fun/content heavy that would still work with my shitty gpu? Maybe some textures idk. Also is there a way to have an idea what mods are heavier on VRAM than others? I guess the best way is to base it on the size of the mod, but for example could textures be worse for me than script based content or something like that? I hope you get what I'm trying to ask here. Once again thank you for your help with this. It's getting kinda late here and I'm so god damn tired but I needed to post this. Finally, a proper fix after few days of (pointless) trying lol
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