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  1. I had the same, but in my case It was just an FPS issue and limiting it to 60 or 30. The physics can't keep up if your framerate is above 60.
  2. Upcoming short video 😁



  3. If you use the COS body, you can't tick a different body in the outfit batch build list. 1. Select COS as the body. 2. Select your preset. 3. Hit build. 4. Select the outfits you want from the batch build list, but make sure you untick all the bodies from the list, so they don't overwrite the COS body you built earlier.
  4. True. I'm using LOOT and TES5Edit to make sure everything is running smoothly.
  5. Good that you got it working. I'm still using NMM just because Vortex still has little random issues like the one you had. I'm sure it will be great eventually, but not yet, and running 300+ mods you need something "trustworthy" 😁
  6. Do you have the bodies ticked when you do the batch build? Because you only need to build the CosioHD body once, and then bach build the armor/clothes but untick all the bodies in the bach build list.
  7. I can relate. All my problems started when I switched from Windows 7 to Windows 10. I always hated Windows 10 with a passion and I still do after 2 years of using it 😠 Good bye Nvidia tools for Photoshop. Windows 7 was perfect, and I miss that OS😢
  8. I just trust in LOOT, hasn't let me down yet 😁
  9. Are you using MO2, Vortex or NMM for your mods? I can only speculate that something was not completely uninstalled when you switched bodies, I would completely uninstall AIO and demoniac, then Install the newest Clams of Skyrim, then Demoniac textures but only up to 4K and write down the options you choose for the install, then install the Demoniac Cosio patch using the options you wrote down. If you are using MO2 or Vortext and your issue persists even after this reinstall, then the fault might be in you mod manager. If you are using NMM and you still have the issue after re install, then I'm out of ideas. 🤔 On a side note: I tried 4 or 5 times to install AIO after my last clean install of Skyrim and there was some issues with the AIO 4K.rar file, that's why I moved on to COSIO (no regrets there). So your issue might just be a corrupted archive file. I hope any of this helps.
  10. Argonian x Troll



    Animation by Billyy:   


  11. What Body/mesh are you using, what bodyslide preset and what texture?
  12. Hi and Welcome all! 😁
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