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  1. My move at this point would be to re install COSIO without the belly physics, re build the CosioHD body in body slide and run FNIS, start a clean save and see if the issue is still there. Unless if you have done all that already, after the clean install... 😐
  2. Sorry but, I need to clarify. Did you manually delete the whole Skyrim folder, and empty your modmanager's install and/or virtual folders? Did you have any other mods installed that affects the belly, at any point? In any case, As a first try you can re install COSIO without the belly physics. But I think you might have some old physics file from some other mod messing the physic settings, depends on my first question ☺️
  3. Just wanted to say


    To everybody!


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  4. I currently prefer Bijin skin and Demoniac. Of course the COSIO textures are nice also. For normal map I use something that resembles my avatar 😁
  5. Only if you want the vaguuna to look normal, but if you don't mind looking at a mesh without textures, then no you don't need them to play the game.
  6. CBBE textures work with Cosio indeed. If you only have the Ragdoll force plugin then it should work ok. Ii you selected the body as COSIO or CosioHD in bodyslide, then the preset can be anything that shows up for those body choices in the drop down menu, but I recommend using the CosioHD body. Also you probably already know this but I'm going to say it anyway just in case: Use FNIS after you built your body.
  7. I would get rid of Realistic ragdoll force, and did you remember to install XP32 Maximum Skeleton before Cosio? Or is it just higher on the list, so it's not visible... EDIT: Sorry, I guess you mean you are moving to CBBE from Cosio?
  8. Welcome! And may I say, -that's a damn fine avatar you got there 😍 Welcome! Also, welcome all who said Hi before these guys.
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