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  1. I agree to an extent, to me, there are too many female skins for monsters/hero's and basically nothing for male characters that keep them male in a lewd way. I like skins that stick to the style of DD or tries too at least. Xelsword has amazing art and characters, no one can take that away from him, but I honestly don't like the style there in because it doesn't fit the style of DD. That, and its all girls. I do like the Brigand Bandit though and the Shield Breaker.
  2. You can find it on steam, just type in Skeleton and it should pop up somewhere.
  3. Love everything about this. Kinda wish there wasn't a jiggle physics option since it can be a bit annoying with clipping at times for female characters (Don't know much about male characters physics). I enjoy this mod more for the realism then actual lewdness to be honest.
  4. Yeah I found the problem, sorry to bother to begin with, I forgot to delete a mod that depended on another mod that I did delete.
  5. I mean, I could say that I looked on nexus for something like that but I don't think I need to say how bad the search system can be. I guess that's the best I'm gonna get and I guess it works for playing around, I'll probably use both skins you linked for reference. Thank you.
  6. Yeah I'm terrible with wording at times, sorry. Basically something like that but more vanilla, it probably will work, I just wanted to see if there was something more basic, thank you. I just wanna practice with editing since its what I like and enjoy and so far all I have done so far was change the colors of certain skins and the UI entirely to my liking.
  7. Is there any casual topless Vestal Skins? Just a normal casually lewd Vestal skin, I'm still trying to learn how to edit and use gimp and want a simple reference that isn't too out there to help me learn as I try to make something up.
  8. If you mean like the fx that happens when a character does a action? As in the fx folder that's in the hero's folder (Darkest Dungeon>heros>plague_doctor)? If so, no. As far as I know there can only be one fx folder which is why there's usually a special fx edit to go along with certain skins. One character can't have multiple fx folders as far as I know.
  9. Just realized I forgot to quote you, my bad I was tired lol. Yeah lore wise its hard to ignore when its right there but considering the chest size of all the other hero's, she has a bigger chest then them in those three skins with a reduced sized. To me, its still lore friendly. More variety should always be welcome, thank you again for the edits.
  10. I prefer small too along with normal, good edits, shame you didn't do the other one tho. Good job none the less.
  11. That's unfortunate, but I don't blame you, only so much one can do with limited resources and equipment. I'm just grateful you took your time and attempted it. Thank you.
  12. Personally I think its better this way since people can just come here, post a mod or two, report a problem, etc, etc, all in one place instead of having to make a whole topic. Plus allot of the mods here are just skins really, allot of mods that aren't skins are on Nexus and mainly Steam. I think the reason DD doesn't have its own forum is because there really isn't any mods that focus on being lewd other then skins, yeah there's Lustiest Lair and the two monsters the creators of it made, noratheexplora turned QipaoFox into a lewd class but that's about it in terms of blatant lewd
  13. I don't mind waiting, thank you very much. I've practically seen every page here and I normally stay on it out of convenience and your a big help to allot of people here. To be honest, it shocks me that this game doesn't have its own section yet.
  14. I checked all over Nexus, Steam, this topic and Dan's topic and never found anything for Succubus so I assume there was none. Thank you. If it's too much effort to do and if I'll be the only one using it then you don't need to worry about porting it over. Since the succubus skins in that pack aren't really to my liking and there isn't anything else really, I'd like Lilith ported over to Succubus, but again, that is entirely up to you.
  15. So there are no lewd skins for the Succubus class (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1597176026&searchtext=succubus) right? I think I know the answer to this but it doesn't hurt to ask. Is it possible to take the Lilith Class and make it a skin for the Succubus? I assume its not possible but since their both transformation classes it could be possible by taking both of Lilith's forms and port them over Succubus forms? Or are they too different in their skill set that it wouldn't work? I completely understand if its too much work or not possible at all, I unde
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