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  1. Darion is available for download now 🙌
  2. JMCHouston


    Version 1.0.0


    My first Sim I made Darion Steele
  3. DARION STEELE View File My first Sim I made Darion Steele Submitter JMCHouston Submitted 02/12/2020 Category Sims Requires  
  4. I'm downloading it right now. Do you know of anyone else or a different forum somewhere who I can link with that has a semi realistic way of creating their sims? I'm trying to perfect them lol. Thank you for the link btw!
  5. Thank you. I Will once I learn how to share them cause I don't really have a clue
  6. Thanks babe! I downloaded those fixtures and I'm checking out the male Sims link you sent me! Also the pose where he's cumming, where do i get that one? With the jizz included Lol. I appreciate it!
  7. Hey guys so I was wondering if anyone can help me find some poses I can download to use to give my sims a photoshoot but I want something where they grab their dick while doing a pose or something sexual. I know I can just choose a solo and pause it and screenshot it, but I want something still so it looks more "professional" and I won't have to pause anything. Also if anyone knows of a mod that can make them pose on the edit Sim section, I'll attach some samples of what I mean. I somehow installed one accidentally and if I give them the bro trait it'll make them pose when you click it and it has a few poses I like. This one I had to pause and the quality is mediocre^^^^ These are the cas poses Is there a way to make the screenshots of better quality?
  8. Hi. Love your work! I was curious about where I can get these pants AmusedUnevenGazelle-mobile.mp4 SpotlessSlowIberianmidwifetoad-mobile.mp4
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