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  1. Hi everyone, so I was trying to learn from scratch how to do cc content and meshes for some stuff I would love in my collection in TS4S but I don't have the time or patience to learn it rn Lol. If anyone can do it for me I wouldn't mind paying. Can anyone help me with that? Here's an example of what I'm wanting
  2. I know my boys are starting to look like brothers but that's cause they all shop at the same spot Lol This is Oscar Garner 💪
  3. I went over Joey and I'm in love a little lol 😍
  4. I don't remember tbh. I'll let you know if it comes to me though!
  5. @Jeleme45 He does though! Was that on purpose? Lol
  6. Bryce is a personal trainer that resides in Sulani. Loves surfing when he's not working out or training. Loves to smoke and dominate in bed!
  7. This handsome dude is Easton University student, a momma's boy, down to earth, and most importantly a freak in the sheets! 😛
  8. I went over Shaheen and I'm happy with the results!!! ❤️ Pt.1
  9. I don't think I've posted Charles before but this is him 😛
  10. He's cute!. I'm digging his hair a lot!
  11. Hey guys here's an update on Porter and I want to introduce Andres to ya'll 🥰
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