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  1. You can go to the sexlab menu and just tick them all off, I think?
  2. Which I hope is a bug that will be addressed in 9.0, because I really loved getting raped with an SJ but now everytime I have one I just do my best to quickly escape so I can suffer proper rapes again XD
  3. A far better solution is to add the proper keys and struggle out. Much better for your save's health too
  4. Because even using a "free me" of the same mod proves unstable and quest-breaking, so using it from another mod which doesn't care about DCL but DCL depends on it is like screaming "screw my save forever". Explanation: DCL needs DD. DD doesn't need DCL. So DD doesn't know or care if DCL is on a quest or even if it is installed, it will break the devices as told. However DCL NEEDS these devices to keep functioning properly.
  5. I believe just putting a verbose warning message and asking for confirmation will do the trick for most cases. People who ignore warning messages are indeed beyond saving though Personally, if I use "free me" I always do it planning to reload the save to the time before doing so. I had to do it once when I was hooded in a deep forest in extreme darkness and was literally blind so I had to free myself, learn the way out and do it because I spent a literal hour bumping into trees without even finding lootable plants XD
  6. I think here is your mistake: why do you start the game as the captured princess before all mods initialize? Maybe next time try to let all mods initialize in the cell before even talking to the Mara statue. And don't even move at all. Stand there. Manually activate mods that need manual activation such as sexlab. Wait again. Save. Load. More mods will initialize such as DD and EC+. Save. Load. Make sure nothing else still needs loading. Configure your MCM the way you like it. Then, only then, speak to Mara. I play LE which should perform less good than SE and even on my old computer it took like 5 seconds to be bound as soon as I loaded into the cage, maximum time.
  7. I would guess it is not a large number of mods but rather people trying to do ENB and 4k retextures of every little thing. Skyrim is not optimizied like new games are, so trying to make it as pretty as new games makes it a lot heavier than these new games. The answer is, of course, to settle for a reasonable graphic which won't compete with any ps4 standarts, but will look good enough to be sexy
  8. Hey, so... I know this mod doesn't create creature content and only allows to enable it. But question on that: Even when I have animals enabled, that seems to apply only to the more "realistic type" of animals such as dogs, wolfs, sabrecats, bears and horses. However it doesn't apply to things like dragons, mammoths or chauurus. They will never do proximity rape (when I am vulnerable) and combat surrender with them always turns out to be "your enemies lose interest in you". Is there a way to make the toggle enable... well... anything that could have animations on it?
  9. I am probably dumb and need an explanation too. What does it mean "Need to install missing animations manually"?
  10. Thanks for the detailed reply. Just to clarify on number 3: I got raped by 2 horses, each of them one by one. 2 separate animations (This is how DCL rape does: pick some rapists and run them one after the other, very rarely with threesomes). The first one wasn't bound and the second was. So I guess the second bound one was just "good luck" since the filter can't tell FB's bound animation then? I will try to add them all manually and see how it goes. Thanks again!
  11. That wouldn't happen if you ran loot before you began the save. Chaning LO is a problem mid-game, sometimes more problematic than a static bad load order, but you should still aim for a good load order in the first place XD
  12. Quick update on my experience with the new Sexlab Utility Plus: Overall everything worked perfect. There were only 3 minor incidents: 1. I had an armbinder, and was raped by a female. A scene for FF and bound was picked, but a scene in which BOTH are bound and not only me. 2. I had frontal cuffs and sometimes I got scenes with cuffs behind my back. 3. I have a SLAL pack of bound creature animations, but when I was raped by 2 horses with cuffs behind my back, one time it properly picked a bound animation, but in the other it didn't. Thanks a lot for the great patch. Overall DD works a lot smoother now [Still waiting for my next time with an SJ or a yoke, though XD]
  13. It is intended. It was documented in the latest patch notes, since not every little detail can be put on the mod's description, so the result is nobody noticed it XD
  14. Thanks a lot. Gotta check them out later today or tomorrow hopefully. Just a question: do I need to rerun FNIS or register animations in SLAL after installing SLALDD? Edit: Another question: MO2 claims there is no data folder on the SLALDD. Where should I put the JSON file?
  15. To be fair she said she will need a month's break. I guess she wasn't neccesarily exact with her timing. It is her right for a personal life I would wait about another month before feeling worried
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