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  1. A bit delayed but I now looked further into it and it appears EC removes all DD items that occupy the body slot. Be it quest items or regular ones. That includes both Straightjacket dresses and regular dresses. The mods I switched since my last playthrough are DD4 to DD5, DCL8 to DCL9 and the upgrade of the last EC, but just to be safe I uploaded my entire load order. Nothing in here should overwrite or disturb the way DD works (and I had the estrus addons for a while too), at least as far as I know XD loadorder.txt
  2. Well, it is a specific quest item while DCL is in beta. One would have to be infected before entering the prison for a chance of this to happen. I am not even sure how many beta users even have EC+. I don't suppose there is a way to get a bit more verbose log to see why it chooses to remove that item?
  3. Thanks for looking into it. Though I looked the dress up in TES5EDIT and unless I accidently looked in the wrong place, I found that keyword, so it seems not to be the issue XD
  4. These lines are just the stages of the DCL quest updating. It doesn't remove the dress itself. It was before I rested and got ready to birth, so I think it isn't related. The ID of the dress is 460FA7F5 and it is called "Prisoner Dress"
  5. I was sure I added a link to my post which has a log, but I can't see it anymore. So here I post it again XD Thanks for looking into it
  6. I looked inside Estrus's psc files and I found this: function StripItem(actor akVictim, form ItemRef) If ItemRef && !ItemRef.HasKeyword(SexLabNoStrip) Armor akArmor = ItemRef as Armor akVictim.UnequipItem(ItemRef, false, true) endif endfunction Apparently DCL's dress does not have that keyword? Is that intended on DCL's side? If so, what keyword would I need to add to this check so that it won't remove DCL's quest item?
  7. I started with the "Delivery refused" start, and when it ended it releases my fast travel. I will return to Chloe once I have played more around the map of Skyrim, because I think having a follower from the very start kinda makes the game too easy XD The one tiny annoyance is I cannot read the note from the noble because that is another way to start the Chloe quest and it already disables fast travel at that point (thought not DCL events, at least). Kimy, if I may suggest: How about making the Chloe quest disable fast-travel only from the point we get bound and forward,
  8. I found another problem, which I am not sure whether is it in this mod, in DD or in EC actually. In short: I was in Dagonar prison in a very advanced impregemnation state from an estrus trap. I went to sleep and when I woke up I was supposed to give birth. So, not sure which mod did it here, but my character simply got stripped of her inescapable prisoner "pajama" and gave birth. The pajama did not return when the animation ended, but the foreman in the prison didn't notice that in his speech (in the way he would if I successfully cut it off), and then he went forward with "undressing me" as u
  9. Since the last patch, apparently some more features than what in the changelog have been added. Most of them are great, but there is one problem I found: Giving birth now apparently strips some devious devices, but doesn't reapply them later. That works on quest items too. I was in Dagonar prison of DCL (which is usually a matter of several days) and one morning I gave birth, and that removed my inescapable straight dress and didn't give it to me back. That later on broke the guard's replacing of some other restraints of mine, and in general broke the quest. Is there something
  10. Not sure if it is a new problem in the beta or something that existed before, but sometimes I get guards who catch me doing crime to say "Your despicable action deserve the most severe punishment" and claim they will send me for slavery, but I have no slavery mod from the optional mods installed and simply nothing happens (at least for 120 seconds after that). Am I having a very big script lag and missing out on some XDFF or should that option simply not trigger?
  11. It is written in the description of that MCM option, for what I recall. Currently DD doesn't hold much power against NPCs on its own. There is a mod that fixes it, but it is script-heavy and wasn't updated since DD5, called "Better NPC support for devious devices". Personally I still use this, but wouldn't enter the whip and chains with it on XD
  12. Compatible - yes. Related - no. That means if a mod requires utilitymod and all you have is utilityplus, you have nothing as far as that mod is concerned. The word "utility" is far too generic. These mods have nothing in common at all
  13. It is a very heavy room. Possibly the heaviest in the game yet. How good is your hardware? And another question: Are you using Better NPC support for DD? Because I usually do but didn't try it on in the whip and chain, and I suspect it would be quite a killer there
  14. Wanna add to this answer: It works fine with immersive citizens, save for one thing you must make sure never happens: Don't make rapist follow you into different cells. It makes their AI go crazy and they have a good chance to disappear in the middle of nowhere. As long as DCL doesn't surpisingly pull NPC's into other cells, things should be fine
  15. Revisitied non-plant containers. Pickpocketing people. Trying your luck with gag talks and device comments. There are still enough ways to generate keys in the game. Of course, finding 10 keys of the same rare types will take quite a while in default setting, but it is possible
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