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  1. i downloaded newest version 73 because in 72 version dwarven sphere did not interact when i got stuck but now in new version guard wont let me in he yells at me then no further dialoge any help?
  2. well i was tweeking around in matience room kinda fingured out buttons and valves when i finall got down and hit bottons seemed to work but on my way out gate closed me in where floor trap is now im stuck any help?
  3. hey guys i talked to queen and got tonel key then went back to blackreach and went to building with spinning thing on roof but the gate up the steps wont open any advice
  4. where can i find lars to show him body percing ? and none show up
  5. im having problems with the mod got it to work once with original mod but updates causing issues so i turn all off until i can figure it out like what order do i need to activate or if iam to use resource files or transformation files i hve no idea but i love this idea of corruption been waiting for a mod like this ever since being a cow was thought up being a bug breeder or a deadra succubus well done so far
  6. for me cant wait for another update having issue still with chaurus phermones it doesn't have any effect while spider one does in tried uploading part b version but has a problem uploading on mod manager it always says problem c install any advice?
  7. yes i downloaded the newest version that is how i found out about the queen but i had older version still on i just said yes to mod upgrade but i did not deactivate older version if that helps
  8. how exactly do u become chaurus queen iam trying broodmaiden quest but stud will not follow me back iam trying to become chaurus queen but dont want to break quests any advice?
  9. and not sure how you build them in bodyslider is it the same as racemenu right now im using body replacer but i do have outfit studio and bodyslide but not active
  10. i tried bodyslide and outfit mod but still invisible im not sure what im doing wrong
  11. hey guys ive been looking for a good body replacer that works with all devious devices everytime i put on corset or leg binders body disappears so if anyone can tell me which body can do all that prefrence is a curvy busty look thanks everyone
  12. hey just wondering  what body i need for the milking device because my body goes invisible when wore

  13. well put simply it kinda would be pieces from other mods like the blue glow from sanguine debauchery, chaurus life, etrus chaurus and more but the goal would be to turn your player into a chaurus or falmer broodmother over time and breeding effects till she is like a hybrid or use your imagination. for example the being a cow mod where you transform into hybrid and effectsw are permanant could be a quest mod with it I dont know how to make it but i hope someone does thank you everyone
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