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  1. Use the console and type "coc shipatsea" and you should be on board the ship.
  2. If your still wondering it was from one of the AAF animation packs, can't remember which one, but a quick look through the AAF animation topics here should lead you to it. But the animation files (the .hkx files) can be found in the data folder at Data>Meshes>Actors>Character>Animations>BCT>F, if you want to do something with them yourself. Always happy to hear appreciation for the mod, and appreciate the help you gave with testing. I will come back to it at some point. I do work on it here and there but unfortunately haven't been hit with the motivation
  3. Ok I'll have to put some sort of failsafe in for the brothel prostitution scenes then. For Shake shack I'll come back to it after I finish what I'm currently working on. You can't actually work there yet and the addiction doesn't manifest in anything yet but I obviously do have stuff planned there. The waitress has a package to work at the shop during the day but for some reason refuses to show up. It might be because the shop gets locked at night and even though its unlocked during the day she doesn't recognize that. I've tried to fix the deathclaw event once before bu
  4. Appreciate the feedback and bug reports. There is a setting in AAF ini that if you change it to -1 it will automatically redress you on animation end. This will prevent most of the issues related to my scripts and AAF scripts trying to figure out whats supposed to be re equiped after a scene. The cat taking you for a walk for some reason was always finicky for me as well. I'll see if I can clean it up a bit. Regarding the experimental maid quest its meant to be an intro to a larger questline. I intended to build on most the events/stories in this mod contin
  5. As I've said previously and Lkopio noted I haven't been working it atm. I do want to get back too it soon though. I'll post an update when I start back up with what I expect to have in the update and when it will be done. Theres no requirements for the poster or starting npcs to show up, should just be able to load in and go to diamond city and its there. Sounds like the mod isn't loading in your game, maybe you missed a required mod when reinstalling or something.
  6. Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback and glad you enjoyed the mod. I don't have anything concrete for the other slimes, I made them for fun just to improve some modding skills and just kind of moved them around the city. Nice to hear from someone who tried my first attempt at modding and enjoyed it. It was extremely frustrating when nexus mod manager overwrote all my progress for an update on sky casino and made me give up on the project. I've obviously tried to recreate the casino in this mod though. I want to add strip poker in some fashion to the casino but i
  7. Its on the ground floor in the building connected to the casino. The alley scene is the end of that quest line atm. The dripping slime is supposed to imply that the slime is still inside you, although the player should stop dripping after a little bit. I have plans for future events where the slime repossess the player, including some random repeatable scenes tied to the approach feature (maybe the slime gets hungry and decides to use your body to find a meal etc). Also if you resist the slime it turns into a dildo which you can pick up and keep in your inventory. Equippi
  8. The load screen stalls on sex scenes are due to not having your AAF animation packs and patches set up correctly. Unfortunately I think the guide on here has 1 or 2 of the animation packs/patches in the wrong order so when you roll those animations your game will end up freezing. I had the same issue awhile ago but i don't remember which ones I had to fix. If you want you can use console commands to skip that scene. When your moved to the cell, before activating the bed type "set BCTGenoviaStageCounter to 10" in the console and then activate the bed. This will take you to the next
  9. Still working on it but struggling a bit to get the next update finished. Glad your enjoying the mod. When speaking with Rasheed at the entrance to the casino you have the option to borrow some caps to gamble with. That will advance the quest and then when speaking with Katrina you either need to have less than 100 caps on you to get the dialogue that you can't repay the loan or over 1000 caps to pay the loan pack.
  10. Assuming u have all the prerequisites installed, go to the main post and click view file, click download, wait 10 seconds and it will redirect you to a mega download, click download. I saw u posted in my other thread, did u make sure to get the updated file from this thread? The poster just has a message that directs you to the man in the dugout inn, if you can speak with him anyway then you don't have to worry about the poster. Also I saw u asking about Vortex vs NMM, I think most people use MO2 but I use Vortex without issue. You just have to understand the rule system, but I
  11. I did have plans to allow the player to work there at some point so that could be one way to transition into it. Like when wearing the collar you have residual effects from being commanded to be a pet that lead you there. Glad you found a solution. That shop is not the milk shop, that's the shake shack. There is some stalls next to the farm where some women are dressed as cows, that's where you go to work as a cow. Happy to hear you enjoyed the mod, and i agree its a good idea. I have just been moving slower on the project than
  12. There's a shop at the back left of the city, on the opposite side from where your ship drops you off at. You should just be able to talk to the foreman and he offers you a job if you ask about available work. As for the crashes I don't get them and haven't had anyone else report them. I don't really optimize the city or anything though so if your computer isn't great it could be that starting a save outside is too taxing on your machine. You could try saving inside one of the buildings and loading from there. I mean girls are selling there bathwater in today's world. People sell
  13. I like the idea a lot. I had a somewhat similar idea I haven't developed yet where your pip boy gets infected with a rogue A.I. and you can't get it off. It would give you orders and if you disobeyed it would shock you and if you obeyed it would reward you in some way, like releasing endorphins or stimulating you sexually. In the same vein it would try to corrupt you more and more over time by playing hypnotic videos and training you to obey. Eventually getting you to just be a body that's a vessel for the A.I.'s will. I think the power armor and mad scientist angle could fit together pretty
  14. Hmm I just tested it in game and got the dialogue box. Its possible the current download file is missing the script but unless someone else can confirm that its not working it probably just bugged for you. Looks interesting. I'll have to check it out. It has a decent chunk, I would think 3-4 hours worth just estimating a conservative number. Not 50$ worth but maybe in a year or two it will get there. But I think there's many other mods that have the same requirement so if your interested in other mods too then it might be worth.
  15. Its so hard to debug issues related to AAF because unlike sexlab it doesn't come packaged all together. There are like 10+ animation packs and 4+ patches you have to assemble and download separately. Depending on what patches you download and the order you put them in your load order you will get a different set of working animation/allowable animation and a different set of bugs. Unfortunately I really don't have any way to help people who get stuck due to animation issues (and there are a lot of them). As for returning to the island there should be a map marker around where you
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