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  1. sikkboy

    Back In my day

    this may volatile forum rules,sure a mod will pull me up but i digress In my day......... said every generation Quit school at year 11 got a job, just because i could lift 40 KG,no resume required, only thing i had to worry about was will the fucking car start ( carburetor ) no electronic ignition and will i get laid this weekend...life was good
  2. so glad i'm old all you can do is keep your head buried in the shit of this world and hope no one notices you.....I'm just some fucking guy and so are you

  3. sikkboy


    Akira is about what 12 volumes crammed into 1 hr? Alita: Battle Angel , the original was a 90's epic and now is PG rated Hollywood garbage Anyway watched RE Zero and enjoyed it...think Groundhog day Still waiting for the next Neon Genesis Evangelion hope it makes more sense than 3.3 because i didn't get that at all,Tokyo Ghoul Re not bad still prefer the original
  4. sikkboy

    Quitting a Habit- How do You do It?

    quit smoking by using patches because they cost a fortune, quit synthetic drugs,MDMA LSD etc because i had a nervous breakdown ( got 20 good years in) not bad i thought Cut down on sugar because anxiety loves the stuff,no more caffeine,because anxiety hates the stuff ( used to drink 7 cups a day ) Caffeine was probably the hardest to kick,believe it or not the headaches lasted around a month .......only alcohol left,but i do have to cut back on the binge drinking and fuck life is boring
  5. modding will become extinct as all companies will adopt Beth's ( lets charge more money ) paid mods model Games who knows VR with loot boxes and hats,probably a VR coin slot to insert more VR money
  6. sikkboy


    some really good animations you've done,my character looks even more slutty,i'm drunk atm but ill take some of the suggestions above and play around with Tes Edit when i'm sober.... keep it up they work fine with the ring..... as too how to stop them just jump
  7. been waiting for something like this thx while the originals are great several pieces are even better for enchantments
  8. sikkboy

    BU Armors Compilation

    try using Wyre Bash and make a bashed patch,i had a problem with armor enchantments not working despite the ESP and rebuilding the patch fixed it You might try changing the mesh paths by using the CS ?
  9. sikkboy

    What's your current mood?

    hot and bothered 33 deg F for the last 3 weeks with humidity around 60%,can't afford to turn the A/C on because electricity is so fucking dear