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  1. Looks like I'll have to keep waiting until the SE version comes along.
  2. LuceoX30


    Okay, as far as I've found out over this - wow - year, I've figured out that I just had to change the mod info file to a .metadata file of Exotic Goods. Queue revival of this thread?
  3. It's when I infect my character from the menu that I crash as soon as I exit it. But now, it seems to work fine upon having a second go.
  4. I seem to be getting a CTD every time I try to equip the Tentacle Monster, Facehuggers, and Barnacles, even if I have the SE versions of all the required mods... Or I at least think I do. These were the mods I was using at the time, am I missing anything? Help much obliged. I already posted on your SE blog but got no replies as I know of.
  5. I seem to be getting CTDs every time I infect my character with things like the barnacles with the MCM. And every time I try to search for barnacles in the console, I get nothing but the book. Same goes with living armour. I have the SE version of EC+ and all of the SE versions of required mods, but I don't know if that's part of the issue. Edit: The same thing when I (Found and) manually equip the skin spores. Did I perhaps install the wrong version of EstrusSE for EC? Edit 2: Apparently, the french version only works on SSE. But there's still a crash. Fuck it... Are there any mods I'm missing or are messing me up? These are all my active ones. Edit 3: after some testing, I found these to be broken: Tentacle Monster, Facehuggers, and Barnacles. Those are the only ones that seem to CTD.
  6. Ahh yes, a mod to fill a rare niche following of perversion. If it is not too much to say, I would give a suggestion for an enemy type that could fit in appropriately. It can be a crotch based parasite that shares the same animations and body as a skeever, but has a custom anim/model for the head, being the main parasite. It has regular attacks as a skeever would, but adds a random chance effect that knocks over the parasite's enemy/victim until they stand up again. If the enemy is attacked by the parasite as they're knocked down, there's a 40/60 chance that they will have the parasite latch onto them. After the latch on happens, the main body decapitates itself and either dies immediately, or runs away until it grows a new head. The creature could carry diseases or poisons when attacking the player or an NPC, such as raising infection chances by itself, or increasing the chance of the creature's attack causing knockdown. For its design, I'll leave you to brainstorm what to make it. Hope you like it!
  7. As cool as this looks, I'd love to see an SE version - I tried to use it on SE but it never starts up. It'd be cool if you or somebody else could make it or even tell me how I can make it compatible with Special Edition.
  8. LuceoX30


    No, I mean that fix right up there. Antediluvian didn't explain it very well.
  9. LuceoX30


    Is there a working file I could download?
  10. Nevermind, I found out the mod has no compatibility with Joy of Perspective.
  11. Hi dev team/Kimy! I tried out the mod for a little bit and soon found myself with a couple of questions; Would or will there be any support for beast races - being Argonians and Khajiit - and Orcs like in the Oldrim support mod here? (I'm also using Feminine Khajiit Textures for UNP so please tell me if I shouldn't because the gear won't appear on my Khajiit) Are you basically porting the mod over to SE or is there custom work to be done? And do you plan on adding more features? If so, like what for example? I thank you for responding patiently if you do at all.
  12. Help! The game seems to crash when I play as an Argonian! Please tell me That they're included...
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