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  1. Male 54 Single (never married - no children)
  2. 1.9GB (440 files) I seem to be missing something ... or maybe lots of somethings ...
  3. FYI - It looks like the game version is at: Version Date Checksum Notes 1.1.2 2020-10-01 8274 Hotfix
  4. The "descriotor.mod" should be inside the mods folder, i.e. Crusader Kings III/mod/Carnalitas/descriptor.mod - Crusader Kings III (folder) | - mod (folder) | - Carnalitas.mod - Carnalitas (folder) | - descriptor.mod - (folders for mod, e.g. gui, common, events. etc
  5. You could try [mod] Proactive Courtship By bunt776
  6. You need to create a new religion using the Adroit doctrines, etc: In game, all of the content is gated behind having the "Ritual Prostitution" Clerical Function Doctrine selected. This doctrine requires that you have "Carnal Exaltation" or one of the custom tenets from AdroitReligionCustomChristianity chosen. The first thing I do when I start a new game is to change the religion using Adroits lovely options
  7. Yup, like you did with the Temple, an option to add the same building to a city, etc. I thought I'd throw it out just as a suggestion, not a biggie if you don't want to do that
  8. Thanks Adroit, I appreciate the work you're putting in to this mod Suggestion, if it hasn't already - places of "worship" for other areas, i.e. city & castle ?
  9. I'm running several mods with the 1.*.* versioning (yours included - thanks by the way ) and not having any errors ... so far ...
  10. Thank you very much Cheri & Team! Appreciate the work done & look forward to more ... err ... exciting ... adventures ... 😜
  11. I've only updated the 00_doctrines.txt at the moment, haven't looked for an individual only option yet.
  12. Hi, Could someone please help identifying what is happening in the 2 attached files? For reference: Game: Mods (all latest versions) Wicked Pets: 7.0.48 Sims4 Community Lib: 1.2.19 Wicked Whims: 153b The exception is only thrown when WP is installed but I've got no idea what the problem is WickedWhims.log WickedWhims_v153b_Exception.txt
  13. Thanks OmegaSwordEX! There are careers there that I didn't know I (well, my sims) needed
  14. I'm seeing the same thing And for the life of me I can't remember if it started after the recent update or after installing the magic pack. EDIT: And, just as suggested in earlier posts, it was either WW Kinky or WW Pets causing the issue
  15. All I can suggest is ensure that your Resource.cfg is set up correctly: Priority 500 PackedFile *.package PackedFile */*.package PackedFile */*/*.package PackedFile */*/*/*.package PackedFile */*/*/*/*.package PackedFile */*/*/*/*/*.package I put WW in it's own folder along with the animation packages for it (e.g. C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods\WW) TURBODRIVER_WickedWhims_Scripts.ts4script TURBODRIVER_WickedWhims_Tuning.package WW_animation.package WW_animation.package etc
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