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  1. it’s clear ... they don’t take up places, just wondering why they are ... Another question: when will these limiters appear in the game? 🙂
  2. hi, question: I collect "inactive limiters" I make of them "mysterious limiters", they are not found anywhere. why?
  3. Hey. Add the opportunity to become the owner of Pony Bolivar for a female character ...
  4. Laura, have an idea. What if after a player finds that “Ideal Girl” and after an offer she goes to Sloan, she will say that she wants to stay with the player? Maybe she likes the company of the player and she wants to stay with him?
  5. so what's with the release? 5 days are left until the end of this month ... and ??
  6. probably a boring question ... Is there any news about the release? It is very interesting to see the continuation ...
  7. shadowwolf2k7 Interesting) What if the opposite?) Katharina asked the player to pick up a custom-made thing for Laura? Solve the problem will have a player)))
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