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  1. I did tried that but I've failed! should it be moved on Mods folder instead of Vortex or did you already tried that!?
  2. Oh duh...forgot there was two game I have! Once is Standard Starbound but other have Unstable Starbound! and plus I started Standard Starbound but it auto closed. Any Ideas!?
  3. Warning! Since there nothing I can post since I doesn't have anything on Starbound lists so I apologize if this is the wrong one or not. I need a lists on StarBound before I can add this up or I might get error! If someone have a list order or some I can add Sexbound without a error then everything will be perfect on Starbound. Since I only play without mod and works fine but now I getting concern about this sexbound with error and I don't want that. Lists the name on comments then I'll try to enable on the lists. make a color either there some conflict or not working.
  4. Okay, Now since I picked the wrong one again! Now this should be in the correct spot now! Thank you Misanthrope for reminding me! Now it should be on Tech support - Skyrim special edition now! Helping is still required on this main quest but since I think it might know what going on so I'll get back to you all once I head to Skyrim SE game.
  5. Kind of wish people quit moving stuff! I'll try to see if they can move it! Sorry for my brain error once again. It will be moved once moderator accept it! If I make mistake then you can warn me If I place it in the wrong spot. Since you are a great helper.
  6. Just all of them! I try to save game then try those mods after quest is all finished! But some mod with Bethesda seem can get past it but some mods won't! I've wish I can list it but I'll do it some other times.
  7. Mostly, It probably that FNIS might causes this problem but I am not 100% sure if it is or not. Damaged Frost Spider spawned when player enter the zone but it closed right after I head toward it. And no, I am not mad it just I can't seem to get past it. Idk the other forums have this same issues but you can link it up if you want. I don't think this FNIS doesn't alarm me of any issues occur. Some other mods works fine but this loverslab might need some test to see it I can get by it or not. Which its called Bleak falls Barrow when doing a quest with Farengar to receive the
  8. Due to my wrong Topic so I accidentally post the topic in wrong one! If you already seen this then please ignore...unless if you are willing to help to please help me with this issues. Thank you! So in main quest I was getting a Dragonstone that Dragonsreach! But due to game crash when I was trying head toward that guy who talking. Which its in something in ruins when getting Dragonstone. Game crash Damaged Frost Spider probably crashed the game or something else. But should I do this without Mods or Did someone have a Save files with mods without messing up the main quest.
  9. I'm such a idiot to post it on wrong post forum! Well...when you see this...now you know.

  10. Okay, good! I haven't tried it yet but I probably do it in midnight and try it out!
  11. Oh...speaking of devil...I only have Core but no DLC! Should I be okay without DLC or does it recommended!?
  12. Since this need to be tested but I have a feeling some other mods might have conflict so this mod will be useful.
  13. I get used of Skyrim SE Mods since they have details very well but some mods are getting removed which is not good.


    I have Fallout 4 but got some trouble getting mods working and have bad details


    RimWorld seem to have this mods so I do ask what version it is so I'll wait till responds.


    Only thing I am missing is, Skyrim/Skyrim LE, Starbound, Fallout 3 and Fallout new Vegas! I probably need to get more Steam Gift Card to had enough of it. I don't know about Oblivion so I am gonna skip that for now.

  14. Sorry if I post this in wrong topic. Since I discovered this Loverslab got some RimWorld Mods but does this required Version to changed. And yes, this is my stupid question. If you know what version it is then please tell me...and sorry for begging...I just need to know. Plus, I starting to enjoy this RimWorld game too!
  15. Okay, You people choose "Skyrim/Skyrim LE" With 8 Votes and People choose "Skyrim SE" With 2 Votes! So I guess Skyrim/Skyrim LE is probably better with Sexlab mods! Sadly wish I had Skyrim/Skyrim LE but I didn't but I only have Skyrim SE!
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