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  1. Thanks for posting your modlist, DeepBlueFrog, found a bunch that I wasn't aware of. I've been a long-time admirer/user of your work and also want to thank you for supporting Skyrim for so long.
  2. I found by disabling the "SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim 2.05.34" mod it fixed the mouse-wheel zoom problem. I then experimented around with older versions of SOS and found that 2.05.30 will work without the problem, but all the newer SOS versions (2.05.31 - 2.05.34) will cause the mouse-wheel zoom problem to happen. Nice tip! I'll give that a shot as well. I tried the alpha fix and the problem was not resolved. That said, many thanks for your hard work PsychoMachina!!
  3. Remy, I hope you are taking some enjoyable classes... just wanted to say thanks for your hard work! You've made an awesome body mod and paired it up with a great selection of armor conversions.
  4. I was wondering which armor you had converted next and was surprised to see Dianqing. Many thanks Remy!!!
  5. Ooh ha! Very nice babe! Beauty face, good shaped waist and hips. Almost perfect! Please allow me a question about the breasts. These seem somewhat deformed. It looks as if they were lifted from anything underneeth of them. The left breast is slightly bulged as if a silicone implant from slipping. Is that a body / skeletal problem-or is it caused by the texture? You will have to talk to remy about the deformation as well with the angle of the shot and lightning might be what your keen eye is catching. However, have yet to find anyone female with perfect breast much less matching ones, in or out of the dark =P yea that was a known issue since the mesh was modified manually on 3ds max. I wish i knew how to use bodyslide 2 to work with this body but i really don't have time right now to go digging into tutorials. i actually have a V2.1 model that fixes the breast deformations a bit. here is a pic, i dont know if you can tell the difference, ill take some ss at different angles later @shizoido - thanks Looks awesome!
  6. Thanks for your work! I installed it this morning and tried out two home deliveries first off. Both went off without a hitch.
  7. Thanks for making this available! I've been trying to run without SD but I always end up missing what it added to Skyrim.
  8. Thanks for this! Read this thread and did a reinstall to use Arwen's. It is quite a different, and harder, experience. I also like having to hunt down milk bottles now.
  9. Would I need to extract the bsa file's contents if I wanted to customize the mesh files used by the Xeo races? Essentially I want to be able to use HGEC D-cup with LL bottom with the Xeo race, they are a little... slim for my tastes
  10. Just popping in to say thanks for your hard work, Chase! I also want to third the seperate pregnancy feature/questline, looking forward to it!
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