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  1. I followed as the guide said and installed the armor mods and such into that, and installed breeder by it self. At one point when i saw this wasnt working i installed the armor meshes and textures for breeder and put them into their own folder and installed them that way. That didn't work either
  2. I just used FOMM to install all my mods for New vegas so not sure how i installed it incorrectly
  3. So I went back and looked at them, and these are what the outfits are called for the deathclaw area
  4. Its a version of the NCR prostitute outfits
  5. IF it was in that guide i did it. But if its on the mod page for Sexout common resources then no. I did install the maternity clothing from the sexout pregnancy mod page how ever. But still the majority of pregnant models work
  6. So I got new vegas installed and every thing seems to be working, except for some of the pregnant models used sexout breeder, such as the ones by the deathclaw area, and the one near primm in the drive in theater. I know that the bloat fly and the supermutant ones work just fine as i went and checked those out. The only ones that don't seem to work are the deathclaw and the girl in the drive in theater near primm. I did follow that guide and the textures for tryout and every thing else work just fine. But not those two. Does any one know how I can fix this? Installing the textures/meshes for breeder from its mod page didnt seem to help either.
  7. So I recently started playing NV again and did a clean install of the mods im using, including the sexlab mods. But I have a problem where when ever i equip a piece of armor, the lightweight metal armor to be exact, its forced unequiped and deleted from my inventory. I want to play NV since I installed it but this bug is really annoying and hampering that. Heres my load order Ok, so the problem occurs when I exit Doc mitchells house and enter into goodsprings.
  8. No I don't have any links for for the problem exactly but a google search showed me that there was a few people with the same problem as me And uninstalling MNC incorrectly may be possible, but I did a full reinstall of Skyrim before I had installed it so I had wiped every thing related to Skyrim from my pc, files and all.
  9. Ok let me rephrase. I have multiple stability mods. I only installed one of the ones that the person above had in his blog because I already have the others. And im not sure if its just when i trigger the main quest, I looked it up and apprently this is a somewhat of a common problem so i'm going to try using cheats to complete the quest. And according the the mod page for MNC im up to date on the mod. And by serious problem, I can't play the game on that save with out it crashing not even 5 minutes in, i'm lucky if I get that far in.
  10. I tried installing one of the stability mods and to no avail. And the thing is is that it only started to crash frequently after I turned in the dragonstone to the court mage in Whiterun, and i make my way down to fight the dragon at the watch tower. This is only time I can think of where it does this. I have a previous save I can go back to and see if it works on that save. But id rather not have to do that you know. So if you have another solution I could try or if some one else does i would love to hear it.
  11. Well thats the thing. The frequent and near instant crashes only happened recently. And SexLabNudeCreatures doesn't seem to really be the problem as it runs fine with it. I was able to play for long periods of time before today, when it started to CTD frequently. But i'll install the stability tools and see if that help.
  12. So I havnt had a serious problem of CTD for awhile now. But since I started to do the main quest it started to crash frequently, not giving me even 5 minutes to play the game. I'm currently at the western watch tower in Whiterun to kill the dragon there, and even on my way to there it started to crash frequently. Before I only ever had crashes every so often. I'm not sure whats causing this but I know it did this before when I tried to play the main quest. I've tried giving the game time assuming that i'v simply overplayed it, but that doesn't seem to work, and i'v also tried using TES5edit to clean up my mods and the such, as well as LOOT to organize my mod list, though none of that seems to work I'll post my load order below
  13. OK, i think i got every thing working again, if not i'll update this page again.
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