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  1. Quick question, what am I missing here? Cannot get it to run for some reason. Pretty sure I grabbed all requirements and their required requirements. In-game, all others except Nymphs is checked and active. On attempting to force enable, it says you can't enable as the files it depends on are no longer present. SO quick edit. Turns out one of the plugin requirements was not met, specifically, HDThighheel.esm. Great, now we're getting somewhere! ...Except, that file apparently only exists on some random Chinese site now, and it has a sister pr
  2. So, I hate to be the one dumb guy asking dumb questions in this highly technical, highly amazing thread, but...this is / will be compatible with SE, correct? Or is this, like the version posted on Nexus, for Skyrim only? It's a bit late to be asking either way, as I just spent the last few hours downloading as many of the required supporting and recommended mods as I could, and the file from this site has almost completed downloading as well...but, well, y'know, I just thought I'd stick my foot in my mouth publicly to confirm either way. Regardless, even if it is not fo
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