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  1. Ooh dang, I didn't even realize those restriction were there in DCL, and that mod hasn't left my LO in ages. So.. I suppose all questions from all parties are answered then. As donttouchmethere cautioned earlier, perhaps it isn't a good idea to openly discuss Sexlab's hidden mechanic, as it may be subjected to abuse.
  2. The horrors of troubleshooting a CTD never ends. 😱 Woah, you have a lot of ways to lose the followers then. I used to run Defeat and SD+, but then I swapped them for Dragonborn in Distress. SD+ is cool, but the guessing game during enslavement feels like a chore to me, and most enemies don't really do anything aside from standing around. Though, since I installed DFC and DCL I have started grabbing a follower along, since getting locked in a high security restraints or having your PC's arm lobbed off 3/4 into the dungeon and having to backtrack all the way gets old pretty quickly. Also, DCL checks for children? What do they check them for? 😮
  3. Haha, the number of pure follower mods in my LO has been, and will likely always be 0. Discounting the fact that I may lose them if they die etc, I feel that the AI itself just isn't very good. If I am playing a: Melee class: Accidentally hits melee followers, or have range followers shoot my back Ranged class: Accidentally hit melee followers (and killing them in the process). If we get chased, range followers either stand and shoot, or change to melee, that again gets them killed. Stealth class: Most followers kinda suck at this. Even Mercer, Brynyolf and Karliah is terrible. How did you manage to lose followers anyway? I thought most mod added followers are essential by default. Do you set them as non-essential when hiring them?
  4. Hi Mez, would you clarify on what do you mean my SL Framework not working for Beherit? From my understanding SLF does not add any way to trigger animation, no? If you are wondering whether animations would play should one of those options are selected, yes, yes they would. @donttouchmethere I may be wrong, but my understanding is SLSF only targets the child race. Since Beherit in question is a custom "beherit race", I doubt it will be managed by SLSF.
  5. Thats from Monoman1's Milk addict. Lets you milk npc if they have any milk. I will also move any further discussion to Mez558's thread to prevent further inconvenience to Sar12.
  6. Thanks for the update, looking forward to the future progression of the mod! 😍
  7. Huh, I've gone through the guideline before, but not the extended clarification provided by Ashal. Thanks for the info. Re-installed, tested, and it seems to show up o-o I see, thanks for clarifying. I'm not a modder myself, and have practically zero knowledge on the skeleton types, save for whats needed to run the dependant mods. That was what started the discussion. We did not mention anything in regards to the lore or backstory of the follower. My point is purely in regards to the perception of what is child-like. Let's say a female breton follower that is flat-chested at 0.9 scale. Whether one sees it as a prepubescent teen or an adult is really on the eyes of the beholder. No one can say for sure what an "outsider" will think. Hence, as I have reiterated times and again, it comes down to what the moderators think. If anyone on LL sees a content they feel is questionable, report it, and have the moderators decide on whether it is staying or going. Having an argument with people that did not create or upload the file to begin with does nothing to help. Just checked, the original thread has been removed. Praise to Lord Sanguine, prince of debauchery and hedonism!😈
  8. The heck, I've never even heard of ATF before this. Even google just returns a bunch of AFT results, and some misspelled 'ATF' threads here on LL. Though, just because someone uses their resources, does not mean they cannot create an adult follower. Same thing if they were to start hosting bearded old man followers, it does not automatically make it a child content, regardless of what the site usually caters to. As far as the whether Beherit falls under child or petite follower, you seem to have a very firm stand on it. Report it, and ultimately it is really up to the moderator's standpoint. If they agree with you, they will close the thread and that will be the end of the story.
  9. Lmao good guy FPS, keeping you away from troubles. 😂 Woah 300?! You trying to be Leonidas or something? 😜 I've seen many good looking follower mods, but for the most part I don't really use them. Essential followers feel kinda cheaty, and non-essentials makes me feel shitty when I inevitably kill them by mistake or get them killed
  10. Correct me if I am wrong, but do you mean Amazing Follower Tweaks (AFT)? If so then isn't it just a mod to manage followers? Unfortunately, I don't have much experience with the skeletons. What is this hawk skeleton you speak of? Loverslab does have a rule against child content, but not against petite followers no? And this Raeza follower seems considerably more child-like than Beherit, but I get that perception is subjective. If you do think that the content is problematic, do feel free to report it to the moderators. After all, there is no point in us arguing about what we think is correct, as neither of us can be the judge. The link is here.
  11. Just had time to test the file. On being child-like: In the console, the race is just set as Beherit Race. She uses the FemaleCommander voice type. (Same as Aela, Legate Rikke, and Adrianne Avenicci) Well.. we are talking bout a horned, winged, red-skinned follower here. She isn't as all as most characters, but is not as short as the child race either. Unless the author comes out to clarify, or if there is some way to verify the files, I don't think there is a way to pinpoint whether shes a child or just a petite follower. Edit: As mentioned earlier, I am merely providing a link to a thread here in LL (which, as of writing, is still standing). If the moderators deem this file in violation of Rule 14, removal of the original thread will render my links useless. Huh, during my test I did not find FPS drops. Granted, all I did was summon Beherit and a bunch of enemies in the LAL cell using placeatme. How did you figured it was the custom skeletons? 🤔
  12. Why Skyrim? Well this is a boring answer, but a truthful one. The modding community. There are few games, if any, whose modding scene spreads as far and as wide as Skyrim's. Skyrim is by no means a perfect game, and even at its finalized stage it is still riddled with bugs. But what Skyrim did provide is the foundation in which the community builds upon. Looking at my game I can't help but wonder how many percent left in my game is vanilla. Meshes, textures, AI behaviors, animations, perk trees, spells, everything has been changed to fit the player's whims (that, as well as machine capabilities but that sounds way less cool). In conjunction with console command usage, mods make the player a god in his or her pocket dimension named Skyrim. Don't like that rock? Change the texture and model. Still don't like it? Delete it. NPC being nice to you? Shape them in your image of beauty, make them immortal so that even with bare hands they can take down a dragon. (well, it may take hours, but still). NPCs being rude to you? Make his enemy take a crap in his mouth. Not enough? Well there's always enslavement, addictions and more options. Even if the player do not want all the glory and be the hero, there are plenty of ways to make the dragonborn suffer. If you are reading this, you need no introduction to LL mods. However, what made Skyrim truly great is that it isn't a sex game with action-rpg elements. Instead, it as an action-rpg that was given extensive sex features. This makes Skyrim's narrative vastly different from your typical adult game, where the story seemed to be an afterthought that exists solely to tie in the sex scenarios created. The end result is a sandbox game that offers a degree of freedom much more than most, ready to be molded into whatever the player desires. TL;DR: I can do whatever I want with the game, including farting a shout.
  13. If you are talking about plugs, this has been around since 2015. For animations there are plenty Object Animations in different SLAL packs. Pretty sure they cover the items you mentioned.
  14. Hmm, I'm guessing this wouldn't work with Ordinator and Thunderchild? Ordinator's speech perks has an effect that: Grants a chance to reduce shout cooldown to 3 sec, Trigger a previous shout when you shout. Grants speech exp based on shout cooldown. Thunderchild just adds additional shout by linking the existing shouts together. (e.g. Fus Toor Shul)
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