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  1. So a heads up, Peeping Tom will freeze to death in the snow, dunno if you wanna alter so that doesn't happen?
  2. Hey so I noticed that Peeping Tom will die if out in the snow. Not sure if you can give him some sort of cold proof.
  3. HI so I got a question and a few suggestions :3 Firstly what ways to increase the abduction, dominant and submissive apart from the actions of abduct and assault. If there aren't any yet then hopefully my suggestions help. Suggestions Stalkers, receiving mail, text messages from anons that causes one to become uncomfortable, though for submissives possibly a heightened arousal. Types of porn, this could effect things like dominant and submissive. At high abduction level maybe they can even rename the person they capture. Books that could effect dom and sub, basically adding erotica? When it comes to paying rent maybe adding something for offer your body for rent.
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