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  1. Yes, both of those features are checked off. I also made sure that the playlist behavior was set to run through only once (not on random or looping). The issue still crops up even when you're progressing through in the normal stage mode (i.e. I've had the issue crop up by not transitioning from teasing to oral). Even playlists that work fine when left alone can mess up when clicking the "next" button. Shouldn't be an issue with other mods as the only other mod I run is MC Command - every other package file is just custom content like hair and clothes. Not sure if this can be trouble-shot or fixed in the next update but I was hoping to make the mod creator aware of this issue.
  2. I am pretty consistently having issues with the playlist skipping over animations. The game seems to adhere to the playlist a little better if I don't use the "next" animation button but even just letting the animations play out on their own has caused issues where the animations jump over two of the next listed animations (e.g. they go from #6 straight to #9 and skip over #7 and #8). I don't know if the listing the specific animation will help but I am trying to get the playlist to progress from Amra72 - Stand Behind 03 - Rough to Salarmoj's Vaginup 001. It skips over this and Vaginup Climax to go to another climax animation at the end of the playlist. Also, using "next" animation button seems to make the process worse and the game doesn't seem to adhere to the playlist at all at that point. Any help is much appreciated.
  3. Is there still no way to apply these effects to all of the female characers (unnamed included)? I noticed that the soulgem standalone actually applies the effects to bandits and guards so why not this mod? Maybe just allow inflation effect for all of the female characters, that way its temporary. (I.e. no chance a non-unique npc switches genders while pregnant).
  4. Am I just being dumb or are there no textures included with the vanilla armors (leather, ebony, etc)? Amelia works fine with no problems. The meshes for the vanilla armor load and I can make the BU armors at the forge but the character's body turns invisible after the armor is equipped. Are the textures in a seperate file or am I just missing something obvious? Also, while I'm posting, is it in the works to make a version that replaces the armor so all NPCs use the BU stuff? It would be cool to have the standard conservative armors turned to BU. (Forgive my ignorance if this is a very difficult task as I have no programming ability whatsoever). Thanks for the reply and kudos on the mod.
  5. Maybe I'm just being dumb but where are the textures for this file? Everything installs and I can make the armor at the forge but it turns the character's body invisible. Are they in another mod? Also is it in the works to do a replacer so all NPCs have the BU armor? Thanks for the reply and kudos on the mod.
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