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  1. Hi I have this awesome hair mod that looks really cute on asian characters however it has this annoying glitch on the back that creates a bald spot whitch kills it for me, such shame.. Would anyone be filling to fix it? I'm sure other people will find this usefull too. If possible could you also make it usable by children? Cheers.
  2. Well I have managed to find it. Turns out they were made by Hepsy this and more can be found by going through posts here and here: https://hepsy.blog.fc2.com/blog-category-7.html https://hepsy.blog.fc2.com/blog-category-6.html
  3. Thank you sir, I'll gladly add these outfits to my game too! 👍 If anyone has any info on these two remaining mods I'll gladly take them too
  4. Yo anybody still play Oblivion? I'l looking for these mods: These items and more from the same author can be found here (don't know his name): https://w.atwiki.jp/ssmod/pages/28.html#id_246abadf The problem is when I click the download button it gives me a dead link. Does anyone have these mods?
  5. Yeah animations do not show up I guess this mod needs an update...
  6. HI I dunno what's the problem. I have placed the no cc photostudio and when when my sim goes to work she just stays there like in generic work eg. disappears and I have to wait untill she returns If I go to photostudio with another sim she is nowhere to be found...
  7. Aye, that's one mean kitty. Pz VI is my fav tho Jesus it's been that long already... Damn time flies fast...
  8. Mhm? I thought loli related stuff was no longer allowed on LL and people interested in this stuff moved to ATF? ...not that I have anything against loli content tho...
  9. Is it possible to select what paintings one wants. As of now it seems they are random...
  10. First of all, sorry if this is the wrong subforum, I'm a bit confused here... Secondly havent' seen a topic for this game here (or just haven't tried hard enough, lol) Anyways this is one of those games with good looking chars in them imo. It's a criminal thing not to have any pervy mods for it. This game has quite a few fanservicy animations whitch would really benefit from nopan aka panty removal mod Some screenshots and comments so maybe more pervy minded people try this
  11. Seconded. I didn't have all the files but what I did have I have lost totally. It appears that all the links are now dead, even the Freeside rpggamer links. Update on what I wrote and thanks to a suggestion from a third party but the Mega links on first page arent working but Mega still has the files. Go to Mega Search nz and type file names into the search box. The files are all there and I have managed to get what I lost back. Dances jig of joy. Not sure if it's still working. http://megasearch.us/f/159/cwclothes.html I press Download from mega.co.nz But it says
  12. Thanks! Gonna add some Marie Rose outfits to my collection
  13. I personally will stick to win 7. Win 8 and win 10 look like Facebook to me lol
  14. Excuse me but I find this confusing, what is required to run this mod? In the downloads section I downloaded the "Lightning" version to test it out (also like the android looking girl) and it only comes with .esp file and with no meshes and textures, where should I get them? The Custom Race Stated If using Daughters of Ares Replacer, lings is required as well. I failed to find anything called "The Custom Race Stated". And if by lings you mean this http://www.moddb.com/mods/lings-coiffure-nv/downloads/lings-coiffure-nv-v42then I already have it :\ EDIT: Okay it seems the meshes and stuf
  15. My dear polish friend, did my posts just got deleted for no reason? Is it really so hard to tell me if dbank and 3dm are the same site or something? Cuz when I asked you something you gave me a link on how to download from dbank BUT theese mods are hosted at 3dm. Or is it because I'm from Lithuania and all polish hate lithuanians? SO if you can not answer me fine. Just don't delete people's posts for no reason. Maybe someone else will come here and answer me eh?
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