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  1. This is amazing, thnx so much for this. It's been a long wait to finally be able to do this in game.
  2. just watched these for the first time and I have to say they're pretty damn well done. Definitely looking forward to more. Last time I saw this thread you were having "problems" with RL affecting your progress with this, glad to see that you stuck with it and got things sorted out. And keep em coming, I know a lot of work goes into these, just know (at least I) really really enjoy them.
  3. I want waffles, all up in my face!

  4. 2nd attempt at a half decent story, hope you all enjoy this one as well. Download is at the bottom of the post! Btw, I don't know what my limitations are...and I kept that shit that some might of found revolting out of this one, really need to get feedback on what's acceptable, what isn't from those who read this... Short Temptations Issue #1 Low Res.zip
  5. While the other one (Dibella's Story) is a bit more story intensive, I made this story today as just a sex craving induced thing... Posting it here for the same reason books are in a library...cause people read this shit here!!! Repost from Sex Thread: It's mutha'fuckin' story time!!! After going through the headache of reinstalling Skyrim and getting everything back up and running, he's my first delivery on the new install, and I'm happy to announce that my Nevara preset still works! (along with my others). Enjoy it! Comments and messages about the story, or just what you think are appreciated (just want to know if people read this shit or not lol). Peace out and enjoy! (First 3 files are posted, the other 17 pages are in the zip file. I did this as to be more convenient for the people with slower internet connections. SO DOWNLOAD THE ZIP IF YOU WANT TO READ IT. It only contains PNG files, so no need to fret. If you want the Hi Rez version, message me. It's roughly 120 mbs). SECOND EDIT: I know theres a few error in the comic....lol, and I'm anal enough to fix these things, so tonight I'll upload an entirely new zip that contains the fixes. If you've saved this off to your machine and want the update, grab it! And I'm sorry that the layout is confusing to read (and I'm sure many of you noticed), this was only my 2nd time ever making a comic style story so I apologize and I promise to get better at this in the future. DSoS Nevara's Adventures.zip Nevara's Adventures Issue #1 NEW (DOWNLOAD THIS ONE).zip
  6. Going to keep a long story short and just say that after having my old computer pretty much fry, I'm back up and running. With that said, I'll leave you all with this little tidbit... Seriously, click it!
  7. Skyeast

    Submissions and idea's for Issue #3

    It's summer for crying out loud! We should have a swimsuit issue, maybe with beaches and stuff. At least an insert or something of the sort! I vote vampires and werewolves (and other scary shit) for October. Companions and mead (drunken goodness) would also be a good pick for october too for octoberfest. Don't mind me, just thinking outloud here.