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  1. thank you so much for your time and patience!
  2. i'll keep that in mind, now i have a NEW issue, i cant adjust the size of the schlong in SoS, the option is greyed out and says "SoSracemenu" can you help with that too real quick?
  3. nvm i loaded another save and that fixed it
  4. yes they work! but now when i save the game my whole game crashes on me
  5. alright i hit the button, here's a before and after pic
  6. i have installed FNIS where do i find the text? im still new to modding
  7. Hello, im trying to get Sexlab animations to work in skyrim, but no matter what i do it doesnt work. i've followed all the developers instructions, ive done every troubleshooting suggestion i can try but nothing seems to work, the characters just stand there (sometimes inside of each other) and make the noises but no animations happen. So now i've decided to reach out and ask for help. can anyone help? DMs in Discord would be preffered, but at this pont ill take all the help i can get. Thanks
  8. i believe i have yes, if that's the case i guess i just cant operate it then. thank you though
  9. Hello. I'm a newer modder here (meaning i don't have allot of experience with modding games). i recently got SoS and sexlab installed for Skyrim, and from my knowledge i need to also install animations to to get the intercourse working. honestly im working blind here as i can't seem to find enough information to help me. If anyone can help me, it'd be much appretiated. Thank you.
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