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  1. You know you've made it when your in a MxR vid lol
  2. You know if you wanted to knock up a Patreon I wouldn't mind dropping a few quid if it helped with all your mod developments and with 750 ish downloads just on this you mite get a few others too, I mean ModderHuan, BakaFactory, Melodic, Kozuke Hajime and AnubiSs2167 have one
  3. Love the mod, but did need to tweak the sound files for playing a lesbian character, " I want your cock" didn't really work for the role-play lol, but simple enough to do
  4. Having a weird problem that when i use this with sexlab survival and bikini armour it reacts like the top is either stolen ( not flagged as in inventory) or illegal and it gets taken and put in the confiscated chest every time i get arrested in any way, Anyone else have anything similar ?
  5. Nope also something else strange, I found the evidence chest and it has minor stamina potion flagged as stolen in it, they were not flagged when in my inventory ( multiple checks done), bikini top was still not there, only mod that's take the top is survival, but it's not in my followers inventory and that option is off, but it can be buggy as turning it off sometimes does not work
  6. Every time I get searched my bikini top gets taken and it's not flagged as stolen so any ideas ?
  7. Quick question : When using Hormones and milkmod ( with SLIF installed ) should I have shape change override enabled or disabled ? thanks in advance.
  8. OK so I'm a bit confused as to why there is a zaz 7 and a zaz 8 version of this great mod and can someone explain the difference between them besides the mod fixes ? thanks
  9. So I'm having a bug with Edippa , sometimes she is not showing up in my cross-hair and can't interact with her in anyway. If I quick save and reload it sometimes fixes this but can take a few tries. anyone else had this ?, Really want to use her as a milk maid but just to annoying with this bug, Love the range of different followers BTW, really spices up things and some are great role-play wise with devious followers, really looking forward to future updates, If you wanted to spend more time on it I'd be happy to reward that with a patreon follow if you set one up...hint hint...lol
  10. Yea, so I can use them with the converted all to light armour patch, actually only looking for the wolf ones myself
  11. First off thank you for all your work, I love it, Now for the cheeky part : Any chance you could make a light version of the heavy heels please ?
  12. Just wanted to thank you for all your work and F- off to those who complain but never help. thankfully there are only a few of them choosing beggars
  13. Love your work, But for some reason I can not figure out no matter what I adjust in the mcn I can not stop the " treasure hunter event registered " message from appearing, probably something my end but wondered if anyone else had this ?
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