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  1. Oh? A new update? although not that large, perhaps this mod has resumed updating? I shall keep my hopes up, this seems to be a good omen.
  2. I'd recommend HDT-SMP with CBBE 3BBB body (the page for that has a link to HDT-SMP).
  3. ? Am I blind or is there not a changelog? I'm not sure what updated so I'm reluctant to download the update.
  4. What I usually do when I get a CTD before the game even fully starts is 1. Using mod organizer, create a backup of the load order, etc. 2. Disable the first half of the mods, and then start the game. If that doesn't work, disable the other half. 3. Revert to the backup and then disable half of the half that seems to be crashing the game, and eventually, it narrows down enough to find out what is specifically causing it. 4. If that doesn't work, disable mods that could conflict with other mods a few at a time, just to narrow it down. 5. If even that doesn't work, just
  5. "Neko Race" is what I use, it's a custom race. Beware that the ears use a specific body slot that might be used by other mods, if I remember correctly, it was used by Devious Device's device hider, but that can be turned off or switched to another slot so I don't think there are any problems with it.
  6. Are there any kennels in other cities? If not, it'd be cool to add (I guess it's kind of unimmersive to only have one in whiterun, while the whole toll thing is across all of skyrim).
  7. Thanks, I always forget to update mods like that.
  8. This mod is great and works fine when my character is wearing clothes, but the instant I take them off, the breasts go weird (they seem to stay in place relative to my character, so when I crouch they're just floating there, and move into my character's body when I run). The stomach also looks like it carries off into the distance for infinity (I was in whiterun and it easily went all the way to the mountains). Not sure what could cause this. I'm using CBPC if that helps.
  9. That took longer than I thought. Tried it inside and I went into the ceiling, outside didn't fix either. Decided to update sexlab, needed the new version of skse so I decided to update, game kept crashing, fixed that, papyrus died, fixed that, SOS wanted an update, and JContainers as well. At least it works now though.
  10. Having a strange problem where whenever creature sex is initiated, I get teleported to the giant's camp in whiterun hold. I think it's something wrong with how it tries to position where the animation goes, but IDK. Is there a fix for this?
  11. To be specific here, by long I mean like an hour long, or at least close to it, not a single movement of a long piece, nor a shorter piece (as in some 15 minutes or so). My contribution would be Dvorak - New World Symphony, which I happen to be listening to right now. Another would be Rimsky-Korsakov Scheherazade (I like long pieces that manage to maintain their excitement). That said, feel free to suggest anything, I really just love classical.
  12. Ah! A brother! Well, I know some mods like DWF (if I remember correctly) have an "exhibitionist" trait that your character can gain, but I have never actually seen the in-game events for it, and I'm pretty sure whatever story there is ends when you get the trait. Unfortunately, I too have not been able to find any exhibitionism-focused mods. A hard life, this is.
  13. Damn, thanks. That's a really useful mod as well, I'll be using it for more than just this.
  14. Is there any way that the inequality function could work for separate stats, instead of all of them at once? (like debuff for health and stamina but buff for magicka is what i'm thinking)
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