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  1. I have been trying to get to work in VR, but am having a horrible time. Does anyone know a foolproof way to get them to work?
  2. Thanks for the guide. SL works great!
  3. I play with an Index and Knuckles. I tried the demo. I like it a lot. Very beautiful game. However, every time I got into a circle, the next scene my head was ground level. After the scene, it went back to normal. Except the scene with the guy who owes you money, after the scene I was stuck with my chin on the floor. In the tavern, I could not get through the swinging door. I had to hold the "A" button to draw a sword and kept it held to use it. Releasing the A button dropped the sword and I could not pick it back up. With these issues I could not proceed further in the game. As I was stuck in the tavern. Thanks for the demo. I got it on my Steam watchlist.
  4. I saw your follower and was excited, perfect beautiful, tough orc waifu. went to download and noticed someone stole your mod and now she is not available. I hate mod thieves.
  5. Hm you said Demonica, I said Demoniac Haha, I screwed up, I should have said Demoniac
  6. Beautiful! How did you get Mark of the Dovahkin to work with Demonica? I keep getting a really bad neck seam.
  7. Found out the issue, the new CK includes their own bat file called upgradeHavokBehavior.bat. I removed their file and reran the bat file that Trythane wrote and it worked perfectly.
  8. Using the bat deletes my hkx files, what am I doing wrong?
  9. I am happy to say that the clean version so far works fine with SSE. I haven't done all the quests but I will make a note if I encounter an issue with further quests. You have my thanks Foxy, you did us a great service with your dream and I'm sure that it will endure far beyond the next few years. you are a trail blazer, you did good!
  10. Thank you Fox! You're one hell of a modder and I can say that you made the best mod ever for this old game. Thanks again!
  11. Thanks for letting us know about this. I wondered why I was having these issues.
  12. By 8k do you mean 8 kilobytes? Because, a 71 KB increase in save size after installing a scripted mod is nothing. My mistake, it goes from 8mb to over 80 mb
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