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  1. Will it ever be possible to play as female and get fucked instead of having to fuck the guys? I think that's something important that's missing from this game.
  2. Yeah I get it. I hope it's possible though, I think it'd really enhance the game.
  3. Is the game going to have voice acting? The trailer I saw for the game had some great VA. Just wanted to know if it's something to look forward to or not.
  4. Ohh, I thought it was only for sex scenes... watching the strippers this way is way better.
  5. Ohh ok, I totally overlooked that hehe. Thanks! I was pretty excited to see that on the change log.
  6. Yeah I know, but I mean when just playing, outside of fucking. I know sex already has that option.
  7. Thanks. Awesome update, the addition of the pillory was an outstanding move, super hot. How do I get a futa Mistress though? Do I have to go to the templer or something, like you have to when you want to change the slaves?
  8. Do you have any plans to introduce first person view for the main character? I think it'd be a cool improvement.
  9. It actually only happened when interviewing Maria, hope that helps.
  10. Yeah, it definitely doesn't look bad or anything like that, but in my opinion you guys could tone it down a little.
  11. They were on top of each other, so I couldn't read what was written in any of them until the scene ended.
  12. Just wanted to let you guys know there was some trouble with the text boxes las time I played the casting scene.
  13. Sweet update. MC looks crazy good, the only complaint I have is that the muscles on his back look kind of... exagerated? Maybe it's a personal taste thing but I thought I'd share.
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