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  1. Do you guys need help with story and dialogues? Would be happy to help!!
  2. Can I ask why? I mean, I do understand 3d games take forever to make and totally respect it. But once you have a character creator as good as yours, why is it long after that?
  3. WOW! I just found the option for slaves to fuck each other! That's so great!! Is there a way to watch it though and not be an active part?
  4. I just think this game CAN be so great! But 2 girls is not enough - we need a lot.. I'm talking like 50 at the start to make this actually great
  5. Any chance to also ask to walk around in VR? I love the scenes, but walking would be so great
  6. Also, any chance to ask for more girls? I know it's a big request but the game is so great, I want to play it more but with 2 girls it's not enough I feel
  7. Yeah, that would be great! The more the better!
  8. Nice! I also think it can help if when you hover on things in the PC it will explain a bit what the thing is doing
  9. Just spread all the info at the beginning to quests or something or just one task at a time and that would be super cool
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