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  1. Is there an update coming soon to include the new devices? I apologize if this has been covered before theres just so much to scroll back through.
  2. I have been having an issue forever with armbinders not being properly removed after solicitation, anyone else dealt with this before?
  3. No, 5.0 will require a new game. When you say new game do you mean a game thats never had DCL on it or that it actually needs to be stated brand new with DCL 5? Also would you happen to have a rough release timeframe? Either way thanks for making skyrim fun again!
  4. Just curious but do you have a rough idea of when the update will release? Like if its looking like it will be a days weeks or months timeframe?
  5. Wonderfully done, I love it. Are you thinking of continuing to make games like this?
  6. I have had the same problems but the harness would reappear and stay visible if the belt was removed and reapplied (I have had that issue from the appearance of it in LADL). Did you manage to fix it?
  7. Installed via MO so I'm pretty sure everything is in the right place, selected the right bodytype and I already tried turning off the equipment hider entirely... I'm just not sure whats left to try
  8. I must ask because this is driving me batty, is the custom slave harness supposed to be invisible or did something go wrong on my end?
  9. My custom slave harness model is completely invisible... is it supposed to be that way or is this a glitch?
  10. Set "Slotted NPC's" to more than 0 in the DD MCM menu. The number of slotted NPC's indicating how many NPC's in a set distance from the player are enabled for device support (setting it very high can cause a performance hit). I set slotted npcs to 10 but now they do this strange dance where they try the action then bounce back to the armbinder then try again.. is that how its supposed to work? I mean they're kinda obeying it now.. just doing a funky no arms dance. I've attached my plugins list just in case it adds anything helpful.
  11. Does anyone else have issues with armbinders working properly on npcs? I have a lot of npcs chasing me with daggers despite having no hands and an armbinder on their back... or just mining away at ore with the same armbinder on. It breaks immersion pretty fast.
  12. I had, I'm currently in the process of a reinstall of the mod so hopefully everything will be fixed, I couldn't even make her follow me with how messed up it was
  13. Alicia is resisting the banish alicia spell.... I'm going to guess that isn't supposed to happen...
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