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  1. I have a problem I do get no dialogues played, neither sound nor text. I don't know what's wrong. I changed game language to english, used fnis in english, but nothing seems to help. Everything else seems to work totaly fine for me. Just the missing dialogues.
  2. I did really try to convert the hkx in fnis, but I was unable to, the mod itself is working totaly fine, every animation so far, except I get no dialogue, maybe it's because I have german Version installed, but everything else is working fine, even when it switches to english 🙂 Maybe someone can help and try to explain what I have to do? So far I started fnis for modders chose the textfile in the mod directory, where vortex deployed it. in meshes>actors>character>animation created the new hkx doublechecked that it was created because I renamed the old o
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