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  1. I installed the XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended skeleton with nexus mod manager.
  2. Trying HDT for the first time. Updated skyrim to latest SKSE as well. Boots fine through SKSE and game is good, but as soon as i add the hdtPhysicsExtensions.dll file into my SKSE plugin folder the game wont start up. I've tried installing ssme and a ton of other things and now the latest is I've installed a fresh install on another HD and installed exactly as this guide says and im still running into the same issue even off of a fresh install. I should mention that ive also tried about 5 versions of the hdtPhysicsExtensions.dll file with no success. So in conclusion the game will only start up through SKSE so long as hdtPhysicsExtensions.dll is not in the SKSE plugin folder. I'm open for suggestions to try and fix this issue.
  3. degerskyrim27

    HDT News and Info || Latest v14.28, Stable 10-24

    Installed SSME and no change. also checked my skeleton and am using "XP32 Maximum Skeleton"
  4. degerskyrim27

    HDT Physics Extension v12-29

    Having issues with hdtPhysicsExtensions.dll. It wont load the game when the file is in my SKSE plugins folder. When I remove hdtPhysicsExtensions.dll from the plugins folder everything boots up fine then when i put it back in the game doesnt start up again. SKSE and skyrim are both the latest versions and I have also tried five different versions of the hdtPhysicsExtensions.dll file with all of them having the same outcome. anyone have any ideas?