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  1. Just put them in a proper folder not a mods fodler. In case of Olga, put the fx and "PQ" folders into *whatever*\Darkest Dungeon\heroes\leper
  2. 1st I get what you mean and actually agree with the idea. 2nd Seems too straight forward but I get it. I just didn't ever think that futaXfemale are straight. I classified them as unique, same for futaXfuta as it is not really comparable to our "view of sex". But futaXmale was always gay for me. Hence why your comment caught my eye and made me think. Also, some Futas do not have balls period. Depends on the artist yet it still happens. 3rd Glad we discussed the issue 🤙
  3. For Futa/Herm I believe so. Most invertebrates are classified as hermaphrodites and would fall under your description. I am not sure what are we discussing here? Also interesting that you say that futa is slang even though it is essentially just an abbreviation of the word futanari, which means hermaphrodite (Based on your statement. Hence I am too lazy to look it up myself and won't be learning Japanese until next semester) What caught my eye initially was you categorizing futaXfemale as straight and futaXmale as gay. Or it was taken by the public as such, in your opinion. (to not
  4. Since you said that futa is same as a hermaphrodite, why would it be necessary to change the trait? Futa is just known "tag" in the adult/porn world. Hermaphrodite is known as a biology/technical/whatever term. (not exclusively, I have seen a tag hermaphrodite but I would say always accompanied with futa) It seems counterproductive to change the trait. Imho ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Or your game/monitor has garbo resolution?
  6. So you use custom races but you are not playing them yourself. SSX and Elves need a patch. Don't know if the custom race has an ability to CTD when you use LV, though. A quick fix is to just disable them if that solves the issue tbh. I mean, you are not using them anyway. A basic search for incompatibility is to just disable a few of them and try. Rinse and repeat. Can be a drawn-out segment yet if disabling CRs does not solve the issue you don't have any other choice. Write here when you find possible incompatibility for others that might experience the same problem. Edit: I know you do
  7. "Only the SSX and SSM species classes have the portraits. It's normal if the other species classes are empty, it's because it's impossible to add a new cityscape without his own species classes." ripped from SSX front page. Not sure what exactly he meant by it (as he is not good in English and neither am I native speaker tbh) but it might be connected to the issue you are having. SSX should be compatible with 2.2.x but I had some compatibility issues with other mods especially when Stellaris hit 2.2.5 I believe so it may be misleading. Probably waiting for LV version is the best bet. Did no
  8. I think that the only problem with custom races (when using the Lustful Void) is that "Basically pops won't change gender without it, only leaders will." as is stated on the front page. You should probably try to get help in the forums of that mod that you've got the problem with. Sometimes it just takes time to update a mod to the newest version. I personally don't use any portrait mods but it seems like it is not a compatibility issue concerning Lustful Void. Have you tried disabling LV to see if the mod works then?
  9. That seems really weird. You mean you have the mod enabled yet it CTDs only when you apply traits to your custom race? What other mods do you have and what version of Stellaris do you use? (Just to start from somewhere)
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