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  1. +3 Animations BDSM Roleplay Pack early access Patreon Wank and Drank M_DOM Blackmail Wank and Drank F_DOM
  2. They become available here usually a few months after release at Patreon. There are a bunch free here at LL already, and I think I am due another update for LL soon. Tried to translate back, dunno how accurate it is Oni stanovyatsya dostupnymi zdes' obychno cherez neskol'ko mesyatsev posle vypuska na Patreon. Zdes', v LL, uzhe yest' neskol'ko besplatnykh, i ya dumayu, chto skoro mne nuzhno yeshche odno obnovleniye dlya LL
  3. +3 Animations Bondage Pack early access Patreon Tonight' Special(new version) 2nd Course 4 Foot Sub
  4. Alright, I just checked and it was in the last update package I released here at LL. I also tested in game and it works for both the stocks and floor location. Make sure you are choosing the right category "Teasing" and let me know if you still can't find it.
  5. Hmm. Should show up if you click on the vertical stock from azmodan22 or the floor location in the teasing category. I'll have to check into this more later when I have time, should have been added last LL update.
  6. Well the chains have no physics, or gravity built in. So basically a bunch of bones linked together. So when you animate them, they are not hard to do the "set-up" to get them positioned right, however a bit tedious, the problem is when you need them to move. Example is like "waiting in chains" when the actor moves the chains move as a whole, so they wind up looking like a solid metal bar would, clipping into the bed, or flopping into the air, totally ruining the illusion that they are restraining the sim. So to correct this, you have to go in for what can be hours per
  7. Thanks! Yea, I like them when they are done, but chains are a pain when animating. But I'll do more, glutton for punishment I guess­čĄ¬
  8. +2 Animations both Packs early access Patreon Chain in the Neck Spread Eagle Captive(new version)
  9. LOL yea I realized after I saw Kritical's response, totally forgot about the old bowl. And Thank You!
  10. one is a paw print, one is a heart and the other is a bone. They look just fine on my end?
  11. That works differently. You have to add the desired water effect in the xml, and assign it to the bone in the rig where you want to to come from. In this section of the xml -<L n="animation_events_list"> <!-- List of events in this animation (add more for more events, remove any that are not needed) --> -<U> <!-- [START OF EVENT ENTRY] --> <T n="event_type">EFFECT</T> <!-- Event Type that defines the behavior of this event (EFFECT, CUM) --> <T n="event_start_timecode">1.23456</T>
  12. Didn't realize this was such a problem, but I had noticed this happing with certain creators who I un-followed. Getting a notification of a new version, just to find no changelog entered and same file that I already had. So on that note, I'm glad steps have been taken to remedy this. However, to what extent is to be determined as spamming is my concern. I'll explain my concern below. When I upload new animations, it basically results in it showing me uploading a new version 3 times within 10 min or so. The reason being: Have to go in once to add new package
  13. there should be a rigged plane in the bathtub rig that can be used to raise the water level/animate. Never actually used it, but I believe this is an alpha plane that will show as water in game. You then will need to add the bathtub clip in the object animation in the xml
  14. +2 Animations both Packs early access at Patreon BJ and the Bars Over a Barrel V_Machine
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