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  1. LL Release from early access +3 Animations for the Discipline Pole Available here at LL Animations Discipline Pole Available here at LL Discipline Pole
  2. LL Release from early access Discipline Pole Available here at LL +3 Animations for the Discipline Pole Available here at LL animations
  3. +3 Animations Bondage and Roleplay Pack and NEW CC Cage Counters early access at Patreon Hide the Sausage Locked and Loaded Cage Captive 1(for new CC " Cage Counters") previews LL Update for animations and release of Discipline Pole CC Soon! Sorry was meant to be today, been a hectic week. Will be this weekend or start of next week.
  4. New CC CAGE COUNTERS early access at Patreon LL Release for the Discipline Pole Soon! Sorry was meant to update today, but been a hectic week. Will be this weekend or start of next week.
  5. The very first ones I did I wasn't happy with and never released them. But I've done a couple that have been released on Patreon that will be here eventually, and I will be making more.
  6. +5 Animations for Bondage Pack early access at Patreon New Versions: Waiting in Chains, Waiting in Chains GAGGED New Versions: Hogtied Piggy, Hogtied with Shackles GAGGED CounterBOTTOM LL Update Soon!!
  7. I'm surprised any of it works, the issue I see is that you have the wrong animation clip names. You need to use the ones s4s set up, not what you renamed them in s4pe. I don't have you package file so I can't see what they are, but for example they should look like this " bobahloo:PosePack_202011032207230543_set_1 " Just click on the clip in s4pe and look to the box on the right and you will see the posepack name, use that for actors and for the object animation clip names. Hope that helps, been working on animations for hours and hours and brain is jello atm, but I didn't see anything else jump out at me
  8. Thanks! Yea, I wanted to be able to simulate more aspects of the lifestyle, rather than just be jumping straight into wham bam thank you Ma'am.
  9. I believe they need to have the cum slut WW attribute to use it.
  10. +3 Animations for Roleplay and Bondage Packs early access at Patreon Sink Your Tongue In Restrained to Sink Showertary Confinement
  11. Uncheck "only selected". Then check "Visual Keying" and "Clear Constraints". Make sure you bake the corresponding EA rig, not the control rig. Be sure to have it in pose mode and all bones selected.
  12. Think I found your answer way back in the thread Sounds like maybe you baked your control rig and not the EA rig. The picture that link takes you to show a pic that looks like your problem. There's more info there about it in reply's under that post. Hope it helps.
  13. Only other one I can think of is Kritical's "mayhem fucking machine" I think it's called
  14. There's 2 files. One is the list and the other is the animations package. You need the "WW_bobahloo_bondage.package" file. I just double checked to make there wasn't a problem with it showing and it's right above the list pdf file.
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