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  1. Your version of the mod has one or more .hkx files that are in LE format instead of SE, likely from an incomplete port. Try running the mod files through Cathedral Asset Optimizer making certain that you include the animations. That should solve the problem for you. Hope this helps.
  2. Just a note on the new update; many of the animation files are not SSE format. FNIS flagged them, CAO altered them, and with that the update seems to be working okay (not enough time playing to be certain).
  3. I've run across the same issue. If you have Cathedral Assets Optimizer run it on all the animations in DCL, then rerun FNIS. If you don't have Cathedral Assets Optimizer, download it and install it (it's available on the Nexus). That *should* resolve your problem.
  4. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mrfpcgbl8s3e4n2/Realsistic SMP.rar?dl=0
  5. @sarahlost36, Rather than parse your modlist, may I suggest another path to SE stability? This certainly isn't the only way to build a modded game, but for me it just works: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/10694?tab=description I follow it closely, using all the suggested steps (although I opt for different texture groups, and add all Devious and LoversLab material as an additional step just before the application of SSELodGen. For me, an unstable game is no longer an issue. My MO2 left pane shows 678 active mods, 368 of which
  6. A quick application of Cathedral Assets Optimizer lets this mod run just fine on SE, as well as the first mod that uses this framework. Just so you know.
  7. Leah is using the rubber corset (dcur_rubbercorset). In Bodyslide, under Groups, check "ExperimentalLatexUUNP" and build the outfit. I think you'll find that will resolve the issue for you (it did for me). Don't feel bad about not finding the solution, I search and searched for it and only then stumbled upon it. Unfortunately, the Devious Devices (in all flavors, DDa, DDx, DCL, etc.) are not neatly sorted into one Bodyslide group, rather are scattered through the groups, some together, others separate. Cleaning up the groups and placing them in one DCL group is beyond my Bodys
  8. Read the past five or six pages of this thread; the answer to why your game won't start with this mod loaded is contained in several posts. Without knowing more about your game mod list the most probable reason is that you haven't converted the mod from LE to SE. The LE bsa, unconverted, will guarantee that the game won't start, since the old bsa format is incompatible with the new. Download Cathedral Assets Optimizer from this site, install it according to the instructions, and run it on your LE Sexist Guards package. Let it optimize (convert) meshes, textures, and the bsa. I
  9. I should have been clearer in my answer. By "in the FOMOD" I was referring the the installer of Deviously Cursed Loot, not the Live Another Life installer. The option is on the second page of the DCL installer, bottom entry entitled "Live Another Life".
  10. If memory serves, the Captured Princess Alternate Start is available as an option in the FOMOD installer.
  11. This mod DOES work in SE, but it needs to be ported. Note the posts on this page for advice.
  12. Thank you for this explanation, Zarantha. It is very helpful in understanding some of the internal workings of my favorite series of Skyrim mods (I use SE).
  13. If your body goes invisible when any devious device is applied, the source of the problem is almost certainly in a failure to run Bodyslide on Devious Devices Assets, Devious Devices Expansion, and/or Devious Cursed Loot. Take a look at the CalienteTools\BodySlide\ShapeData folder for a list of the devices in each mod, that will give you a good idea of what you need to select in Bodyslide to create the meshes. Hope this helps.
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