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  1. Horny Creatures of Skyrim

    Sculptrs was made by the same company which did Zbrush. Sculptris is suppoused to be a teaser what you can do with Zbrush. However, I'd give them credit that you can export models from Sculptris as obj file, so it's useful. On the other hand importing models from other sources to Scupltris almost every time ends with failour or errors. Huh, I didn't know about it to be honest. I guess unless you used any specialised armature with IK, then you could open the file from the newest version on old one. All in all I don't have energy to deal with CK that loves to crash, 2 versions of Blender and (add the name of required software here) to add new animations to the game on my own. If there had been written down a way to add completely custom model and animations to the game, I'd have given it a shot. However, the modder of Centaur mod is not done with the mod yet, therefore I have to wait for such tutorial.
  2. I'd love to use your mod or fix for SL Tools. SL Tools limits is quite bothersome.
  3. Horny Creatures of Skyrim

    Sad reality unfortunately. I had the same thoughs about Zbrush for example. Some time ago I had been doing research on how to use blender to create animations for Skyrim. It's the road through hell basically, so I scrapped my plans entirely. You'd have to use severely outdated Blender 2.49, because that's the only version that works for Skyrim, and requires other programs to make it work. The newest version of Blender is a powerful tool and you can create outstanding things with it, but owing to the fact it's free, open source software very few gaming companies use it in a product they're going to sell on the market, except for small indie devs probably.
  4. Horny Creatures of Skyrim

    From my expreience SexLab often doesn't choose actors correctly for creature on creature animations in general. Sometimes one actor is in an idle state and another is playing animation from different creature on creature animation, or the animation type is correct, but actors position are switched (so actor A plays animations of actor B and otherwise). Once instead of playing one of dragon on human animation, it played dragon on horse animation. So far I haven't found solution to that.
  5. Dragon Animations (& Creature on Creature)

    Check if you installed correctly. If yes, you may try going to SexLab settings and reset everything to default settings. I had similar issue like you had and after I resetted settings of SexLab to default ones, problem was solved.
  6. Horny Creatures of Skyrim

    -__- I updated HDOS and MNC to the newest versions on another PC. As previously, all dragons except for Alduin and Paarthurnax get Common Dragon skin in my game. Odahviing doesn't get a dragoness mesh even though it was chosen in Creature Framework. Removing JSON files and reinstalling HDOS then re-registering the mod in Creature Framework doesn't help.
  7. Scent of Sex

    I'd have used this mod if it hadn't been performance heavy. I'm afraid I'd run out memory quite quickly, another disadvantage is it takes a lot of time to set rules up. The biggest advantage is it can replace a lot of mods.
  8. Dragon Animations (& Creature on Creature)

    It has never fucked my load order up. Not even once (after using NMM to install all mods with very few exceptions) If someone doesn't trust LOOT, then he can use TesEdit. It checks if load order you have currently wouldn't crash your game. But hey, Skyrim can crash, because it feels like it, so those softwares don't gurantee no CTD
  9. Dragon Animations (& Creature on Creature)

    You should use a software called "LOOT" to sort your plugins. It will sort all mod plugins in the correct order and if you didn't have some required plugin, it would tell you by displaying number of errors, then you just scroll down through the list to see what is wrong. The most important softwares to mod without crashing due to incorretc order or "dirty" plugins: LOOT and TesEdit.
  10. Horny Creatures of Skyrim

    Your explaination what should I do was vague enough for me to keep JSON files I removed from the game files. I simply moved them back after I found out what removing them caused. Now, let's reinstall this mod... Edit: Deleting JSON files and then reinstalling HCOS solved the problem. All dragons have correct skins. Thank you
  11. Horny Creatures of Skyrim

    I did that during installation of MNC v11. JSON files are from today. I'll delete them to see if there is any difference. Edit: Well, now there is only one section called dragon and the only option there is More Nasty Critters or Disable, JSON files were not regenerated using your method (I checked game's files)
  12. Horny Creatures of Skyrim

    Hello, All dragons except for Alduing and Paarthurnax get Common Dragon skin in my game. Odahviing doesn't get a dragoness mesh even though it was chosen in Creature Framework.
  13. What's Your Dream Mod? (Free for all)

    After playing Skyrim with breaks for 4-5 years, more or less, I've seen only 1 dragon related quest mod with a new voiced dragon character with quite deep backstory. The result of the questline depended on your PC skills and it required some effort to complete. The mod is called "Tinvaak-Talking with Dragons" https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/82586/? It's lore-friendly and SFW mod. I recommand trying it out, even though it may not be 100% bug free or give clear clues what you're looking for. I also saw the way Bethesda handled Odahviing as missed opportunity. It was disappointing that dragon has nothing to say or do after you completed the main questline. Like, really. You have a dragon ally that can help you in a battle Bethesda, were you not able to do something more with that? Player can't even talk to him after the main storyline. Well, romance option wasn't possible for obvious reasons, but I wouldn't mind Mass Effect 2 level of fallower questline, or some form of platonic relationship with PC. I tried Female Dragon mods. It does have a few flaws. Firstly, dragon models's proportions are out of place. Secondly, they have breast that are even more out of place. Lastly, they're buggy and sometimes become invisible. All in all not very reliable mod. I'm thankful that MadMansGun is working on better female models (btw good job so far), but there is still lack of a mod that would have made a use of them except for MatchMaker or Scent of Sex (perhaps). I believe if female dragons are added to the game, exsisting characters' gender should stay the same. Please, no anthro dragons, Lore wouldn't like that In my opinion the best way to introduce female dragons in lore friendly way to Skyrim as a random spawn are Jills of Akatosh. They could start appearing after you defeat Alduin or before it (in late stages of main questline). Other female dragons could appear before that, but they would be rare, mostly the one which hid from humans, because I bet Alduing would have revived dragons that were his the most loyal soldiers fristly.
  14. What's Your Dream Mod? (Free for all)

    Female Dragon Fallower mod, which allows PC to have a romance with scaly fallower with her personal long questline that helps to build relationship between Dragonborn and the fallower. Also, the more dragon spends time with you, the more she likes you. Dragonborn actions and completed quests in vanilla game would affect the relationship as well. There are also could be lore explaination in a mod why there're no female dragons in Skyrim. The complicatedness of dragon fallower I'd have compared to INIGO fallower mod or 3DNPC fallowers. She would have been smaller than standard dragons, maybe as tall as a horse, but not too small, so you could fly on her back.