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  1. The Animal Mansion Redux

    I'll check the next version out. I wonder if you're gonna add a dragon as an employee of the mansion at some point.
  2. Dragon Animations (& Creature on Creature)

    The full name of the mod I have is "UHD Dragons". If it is that mod you talked about, then I'm quite surprised. 0.o I'll post some part of the texture, then you could tell me if it's that mod that someone stole it. I did miss that part of "Paid Mods" disaster. Too bad, I thought it'd have been helpful. Using it without tablet is problematic at the beginning, but I got used to using mouse.
  3. The Animal Mansion Redux

    For enyone having problem with a mod MCM not showing up, type: Setstage ski_ConfigManagerInstance 1 It will force MCM to update, you may need to type that command a few times depending on the amount of mods you have (mods just take time to load)
  4. Dragon Animations (& Creature on Creature)

    Hmm... I do have a nice 8k texture for Serpertine dragon (for all dragons in general) from a mod. However, the modder for some unkown reason hid his mod on nexus and from then you can’t download it. But I still have that mod file. If you wanted it, I could send it to you. Maybe you would find it useful. I recommand trying out 3D Coat for texture painting. It's a fairly simple software which allow you to import any mesh (. Obj) for pixel painting and you can import its UV map (importing the mesh equals importing its UV map) and exsisting textures and start painting/modifying the texture from that. Then you coud export textures and apply it to the mesh witout problems, because you worked on the same UV map. (After exporting you would have to change texture format in GIMP tho)
  5. The Animal Mansion Redux

    You have to move Thaena from where she stands after you purchased plot 7 in Whiterun. After the quest of checking the wine delivery, she is inside the building and I had to turn collisions of to go through building and talk to her. Once Home Sweet Home is completed I cannot enter the mansion.
  6. The Animal Mansion Redux

    Adrianne dialogue was fixed, bur sigh... Now I don't have dialogue option when I talk with Mralki to give him pelts. (Whiterun questline: Home Sweet Home Stage 30, FIX version of the mod)
  7. The Animal Mansion Redux

    I'm stuck at plot no. 7.
  8. The Animal Mansion Redux

    I did load the save before I got the quest. It doesn't solve the problem, therefore it's not 100% working solution.
  9. The Animal Mansion Redux

    It's not a big problem to install the mod manually, if it has only 3 files that can be copied to data folder or deleted from data folder easily. As for the quest with Adrianne... I'll restart the mod, but If I encounter the same bug again, I'll uninstall the mod, because I wouldn't be able to go further.
  10. The Animal Mansion Redux

    Adrianne doesn't have dialogue option to get the order from me (building the mansion in Whiterun questline). Home Sweet Home stage 10.
  11. The Animal Mansion Redux

    Jmathers, your installator for NMM doesn't work properly. After selecting core files and pressing install, NMM says "A problem accured during installation" and the mod is not enabled nor adds AM plugin to the list. Edit: If you don't plan to make this mod NMM frendly, please add description how to install it manually. (I assume it's just copying and pasting esp, bsl and bsa files to data folder. I'll try to install the mod manually on my own.
  12. The Animal Mansion Redux

    Does the newest update allow to build the animal mansion completely in Whiterun? Or is it not fully implemented?
  13. Dragon Animations (& Creature on Creature)

    Well... I thought modellers of Bethesda Studio would not make such mistakes... Bad Bethesda. The best solution is to drag selected verticle as I showed in the second picture and fill gap up with a polygon (it may require texture adujstment) OR join 2 nearby verticles I showed in the first picture.
  14. Dragon Animations (& Creature on Creature)

    I also disliked the head of vanillla serpertine dragon. The body shape is great, but that head... is way too derpy. Trex Serpertine dragon looks a lot better MadMansonGun. Nice you added breasts to this dragon without making them exaggerated :) However, I would have rised the forehead of "t-rex" version of serpertine dragon a bit. After a few edits I ended up with this. What do you think? Btw, is Bethesda's serpertine dragon texture still as pixelated as it was when Dragonborn was released or not? Before: After: