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  1. Fun game. Can I somehow make pets mate with captives? Without skill zoo, to have something like a farm
  2. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rXPcqpdkbrJeSsBgMAB6FrEg9r9GrHK5http://
  3. This is the only animation. I am not a fan of sex with horses, I made a horse and 1 animation as many asked.
  4. Added New Object - Horse + 1 animation - Blowjob Gag bandicam 2019-09-01 15-28-23-245.mp4
  5. Billiard from Severinka, Broom from Sabrina, horse i dont remember, maybe Severinka too. But all this object i remade with myself for use in animating. I add cock to horse, add moving part to billiard for animate and broom the same. I haven’t laid out my remade objects anywhere.
  6. And don’t forget, VR works great here.
  7. All already ready. Just launch 3DXChat.exe
  8. Download https://mega.nz/#!GTRWwIoA!ZSfJHKGJgSODc6juzn54N2JkBgIkoUxh9lwiMlCra2s Register Some later update thread here
  9. Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rXPcqpdkbrJeSsBgMAB6FrEg9r9GrHK5 Registerhttp:// Also Discord with help and last version https://discord.gg/pkjBQGz
  10. 3DXChat (Online version) Overview: This mod for the game 3DXChat, it is necessary so that you can play on the network with other players. Unfortunately, the version is not the last but I hope that the mod will update, when this is done, I will update the distribution. Updated: 2012 Game/Creator: sexgamedevil Modder: Eze Game Version: build 390 (Multiplayer Only) Language: English Req: RAM: 1GB ОS: Windows 7 Professional CPU: 1,2 GHz Video: GeForceTM 6600, RadeonTM 9600 HDD: 1GB Features: Easy version, ideal for playing on the Internet. It does not require r
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