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  1. awww i saw an update and i almost instantly told my friends to fuck off and id play with Ivy instead , but then there was just the angry internet police special forces
  2. ive tried so many times but i just cant get back into new vegas anymore
  3. Any chance anyone is ever gonna take over version 2 ? or work on a similar project ?
  4. Amazing mod, having a blast building a modlist around it! PS : Would LOVE more content or even a voice actress ❤️ for Queen Isabell , she is just so good and deserves more!
  5. Woah!, Ivy smashes all of those!, the only ones that are even in contention are modded Serana and Inigo !
  6. Ah hell, i was just starting a new playthrough, but now i have to wait for Ivy and im so hyped
  7. yeah i am, so switching to LE works better?
  8. Sooo i only just found this gem, and i absolutely love it, but i'm having some issues with animals not following, Bears just lie down, wolves just walk away, i only seem to be able to keep a herd of elk that follow me around, any ideas what i might be doing wrong?
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