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  1. Anyone know if this has been converted to BHUNP? I might could do it myself, but while I'm getting a BIT more savvy with Outfit Studio, I have no experience with zap sliders, and I'd have to remake them in this since they apply to the reference I'd be replacing (also, when I tried, it complained about unweighted vertices (is that normal??), and the only thing I know about bone weights is how to copy/remove them). If anyone has done so, do please let me know.
  2. Hi! These are all awesome! But I noticed something odd. On a couple of the items, SMP/PE pieces are static. So far, I'm seeing it in the skirt for DOA Christie Hallowen 2015 SMP. I also noticed that the Nier Automata 2B Pack by Team TAL Damaged Skirt (if I got it from here) has an XML, but is also static, though I think that one is PE instead? Anyway, just curious what could cause this? I thought maybe I'd screwed up building the items in BodySlide, so I tried the prebuilt Christie Skirt and it too is static. Other SMP items work fine in my game though.
  3. God tell me about it. Trying to make armor fit males can be a nightmare. That's awesome that this is still ongoing though! I can't wait!
  4. I've GOT to have some sort of conflict or something. I've used this through like 3 playthroughs in the past with no problems, but now, no matter what I try, even a 0% chance is ALWAYS a 100% chance. At least it SEEMS to let her get a good night's sleep when I deactivate it completely lol
  5. Ahh, I misunderstood "the aggressors take his clothes off" as them undressing a male player 🤣 At least you got it working.
  6. Sorry for the wait, I had a lot of places to look, but I don't seem to have her.
  7. There's a VERY small chance I have her, though I almost never use female followers unless they're really interesting, like DividedByThe9s' "Leylin" follower. Anyway, I'll have a look around, but don't get your hopes too high.
  8. If you're playing a male, and want male aggressors, do you have the player set as female in SexLab? That will place your character in the 'female' role of animations (Don't worry, your character will still be male! I've done that and called it butt rape, lol). Otherwise, if you have no male/male animations installed, that could be the cause of your problems. If you're trying to get females to rape your male, not sure on the cause, but it could also be due to animations, if you don't have any installed that allow for female aggressors and a male victim.
  9. For some reason, this is suddenly not working. It worked in my previous playthrough with the same setup, but in this one, I too am getting the issue where it adds the underwear to the dead NPC's inventory, but they never actually equip it. The power is on. The find underwear option is off. The male nude chance is set to 0. The male SOS underwear is listed in the males section and set to 100. Males are ALWAYS naked with underwear in their inventory.
  10. I've been having this problem myself lately, for the first time after using Defeat for years (the original version). Stopping animations does not help, nor does enabling player controls, cleaning up, or anything else I can think of. And the really frustrating part, is the reason I don't use the Bane version of Defeat is that the option to struggle doesn't even come up half the time with it. And now I can't struggle at all without being unable to play until I just stop trying to struggle and let a SexLab animation play... But when I'm up against 10 bandits, the LAST thing I want is
  11. Anyone else have an issue where about 50% of the time, equipping/unequipping any clothing/armor/accessory causes the tail to detach from the body, and stay behind when she starts walking? If I never change clothes, it works beautifully aside from the normal occasional HDT bug, but that's obviously not gonna happen with some of the other mods I get on this site... 😄
  12. I can't seem to get Warm Bodies to work. I have, in Mod Organizer, Quest Versioning SDK, then the original Warm Bodies, then your tweak, (each in their own folder and overwriting in that order) but it doesn't seem to warm her up at all during a scene. Also, its at the end of my load order, so definitely comes after SexLab and Frostfall. Should it be higher?
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