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  1. Hi. Is there a spell to raise submission level without having to whip victims? Thanks.
  2. Brimbo

    Sexlab Submit 01SEP14 1133

    SL Submit does not give dialogue option for some NPCs. I'd like to know the possible cause and troubleshooting steps we common mortals can follow to fix this. Thank you!
  3. Brimbo

    Sexlab Submit 01SEP14 1133

    Hi, 1. Thank you for this mod. I like it and have been using it for a while. 2. I have not had any serious issues with this mod except that it does not work on some NPCs from other mods such as Monsters Reborn, for example the "Fallen Blades". 3. I recently downloaded a patched version (SexLab-Submit 23FEB15 1036.7z) hoping the issue might have been corrected but still no joy. 4. The mere fact that I cannot turn these "Fallen Blades" in for a reasonable amount of gold after a very long period of battle is what irritates me greatly lol. 5. Is there a workaround for this, otherwise could anyone point me to any other mod with a feature to turn in defeated NPCs for a bounty? Thank you for your time.
  4. Brimbo

    Paradise Halls and sexlabs

    Move west from fellglow keep and you should see it. If you hit a mountain instead, I'd suggest you reinstall it or check your load order.
  5. Dear friends, I want to thank you first and foremost for your efforts in helping others find mods elsewhere. After hours of searching I still fail to locate and download some mods I'm interested in, at least not in the form or shape I would want to. I finally found one of the mods here http://tesall.ru/files/category/298-mody-dlya-skyrim/. I appreciate their generousity but I cannot use it due to translations (Russian Anyway, before I surrender I'll just ask if anyone has the ff. mods (English) and is willing to share; Airship Dev Aveza Fores New Idles in Skyrim (Latest version + Addons) Convenient Horses Thanks in advance.