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  1. Question. I have downloaded your June, 2020 mod. Is this a update to the previous Mod? I already had a file downloaded from before. simdulgence_ymRealGens_v1.5.package. I do not find a new file replacement for this one. Am I supposed to keep or delete this one?
  2. I want to compliment you on the outstanding creation of your Liberty Ave. set of lots.  Sometimes one never knows what the quality will be on somebody's CC creation but, this was marvelous.


    1. Val2020


      thank you so much! I'm really proud of this little baby, it's a fun zone to play in!

  3. That had to be the slowest download I have ever done. How do you make it so.......................................................................................slow?
  4. True but, for normal, non occult sims who are roommates, the autonomous sex in a closet or other obscure places ends up being animated inside a wall or on the ceiling over half the time.
  5. Is there a way to keep roommates autonomous sex from being performed on the ceilings of within a wall?
  6. So......I need the patron version of WW in order to see this additional game content?
  7. I run Tray Importer conflict finder. I find a report that NisaK_Lot_Extender. package is in conflict with NisaK_Wicked_Perversions. package. 0x00000000! 0x4 F22b85fd95730dc. 0x00b2d882 DDS 0x00000000! 0xcccc910Fcbbcabdb. 0xe882d22f 0x882d22f Hope you can help Please
  8. Ok I messed up and left WW in the batch fix scan the first time. I deleted the batch file, pulled out WW and ran the shower batch again and found no CC that needed a fix. Ran the default batch again and found a handful of cc Forgot to mention that I have Laundry Day DLC installed.
  9. OK I messed up the first time and left WW in the batch scans.
    I deleted the batch files and pulled WW out of the scanning area.  Ran shower batch and default garment fixes again.
    Shower had no errors  while the default scan had the following in list below
    Fixed (4):
    Make_up\NANDONG_yfHead Default Replacement without EA Eyelash.package


  10. Running Sims 4 studio batch fix for laundry day found this Thanks for your help Fixed (1): WickedWhimsMod\TURBODRIVER_WickedWhims_Tuning.package
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