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  1. This is probably a stupid question, but... Where do you get the models to make the animations with?
  2. A majority of sex games that I've come across in my time consist of the usual VN, or RPGMaker content. Which isn't bad, a lot of these genres of games are really well made. However, it's mostly the fact that there are so many of them that they start to wear out on me. With that, also comes with genres in general. I've seen a few sex games that implement certain game genres that you'd never really see; The genres that I would find more interesting to see are FPS or Horror sex games. What about you? Are there any game genres you'd be interested in seeing implemented in
  3. Ah, if Blender works then that should be okay! I had assumed that Max was the only compatible animating software because a lot of animators I've seen use it based on screenshots of their untextured animations.
  4. Looking around at all the different animation packs there are for the two big games, Skyrim and Fallout 4, have got me curious about doing animation mods myself. However, there's only one problem that I'm facing... ...Autodesk 3DX Max. I don't plan to pay $200 a month to mess with a program that I doubt I'm going to use all the time, and I know there's a 30-day trial, but I feel uneasy putting my credit card information into an account that I will most likely not be using. So, is there perhaps an alternative for my piqued interest?
  5. Love this mod, gives a sense of realism for some horny fuck like me. Highly doubt it'll ever be a thing, but I sometimes imagine what if there was a mod that shows a pop-up window of a sex animation between the two actors. lol
  6. I was checking out and practicing the animation creation tutorial, and I just had a little question. Is there an IK rig that could be used for the human models?
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