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  1. Using the DeepL translation In this case, the problem is that they made a profit by selling DVDs. However, if a mod comes out that swaps a normal rare swimsuit for a new SSR swimsuit that has just been released, and sales are affected, the management may take legal action. Modding of existing swimsuits is probably fine.
  2. Using the DeepL translation. A person who sold DVDs with the DOAXVV mod has been arrested in Japan. I think the reason for the arrest this time was that he sold gravure videos on DVD. As for the mods, those outside of Japan are probably fine, but it might be a good idea to be careful about selling them for a while. https://www.koeitecmo.co.jp/news/docs/news_20210106.pdf
  3. I'd rather have a nipple piercing. You can have more if you want. Your mod is great! Cherish your identity! I'm using translation.
  4. For MODs that do not work with CC, it is necessary to update using CCModPackGenerator according to the specifications. After updating the ini file, it can be used without any problem even with 2.0Ver. Thanks for the great mod.  I'm using google translate.
  5. I use Google Translate Probably a matter of clothes Marry-type characters often have no boobs weight (By the way, weight may be added when you awaken)
  6. Boob Slider has stopped working Does anyone have a modified version? Or was this topic discussed somewhere?
  7. Please update SSR.Event.Haruiro.Schoolwear.Nagisa. I really want to see Nagisa s boobs.
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