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  1. I had installed Myra for SSE. I came across her when I was doing the Yngol Barrow quest. I did not take her as a follower at that time. I went back later to get her, but she was gone. I can't find her anywhere. Where did she go?
  2. Thank you for the information, though most people talk about BLOCKING updates while this is going through a lot more than "5 seconds" to temporarily evade an update. Furthermore, there are mods that require players to boot through STEAM, apparently to register folders.
  3. Exactly how is this "Spending 5 seconds keeping your game from updating" supposed to work? The only options I EVER got on STEAM was 3 options as to WHEN the update is applied, and Skyrim SE has to be updated before launch. What is this big SECRET method to block mandatory updates? Does it involve a secret handshake or decoder ring? update2.bmp
  4. I recently installed the latest SKSE64 from silverlock. I also had to update racemenu and reistall SoS. Now Sexlab will not work properly and I keep getting an error message claiming that SexLabUtils.dll is outdated or missing. The file is installed correctly.
  5. So, NO ONE can tell me where the settings are even supposed to be?
  6. This may sound dumb, but how in the heck is Flower Girls supposed to be configured? I am trying to activate seduction and check out other options, but can't find any control panel for it. I have Flower Girls SE and VR 2.2.1 . There is no entry on MCM or Vortex, and I tried reinstalling, and NEVER was given any configuration options. There are no conflicts and Flower girls do appear in the game. I also the option to start seduction in most dialogs with NPCs, and have an option to give a gift, but nothing ever comes of it. I also have a problem with grossly incorrect gender roles in animations, which may be related. Males reaching through penises to finger nonexistent vaginas, females stroking invisible penises, et cetera. Also, free cam often results in my toon getting stuck. I have looked for patches, but the search function does not work well, here. I tried asking for help in another forum, but it was closed with NO USEFUL IMFORMATION.
  7. SSE, Recorder, Seranaholic, SMIM, 7Base Ursene, FG
  8. How the heck is seducing an NPC supposed to work? Seduction appears to have been added by flower Girls. I often get the option to start seduction, and sometimes to end seduction, but THERE IS NOT EXPLANATION ANYWHERE OF EXACTLY HOW IT WORKS! When trying to woo an NPC, I only get a vague dialog line of giving a cheap gift, but nothing comes of it, and there is no apparent option to ACTUALLY GIVE A GIFT. There are no options for sweet talk, and no options for going on a date, and no option for kissing, and no feedback from the target of you affections. I am sorry if this is covered elsewhere (Elswyr?). The fora are huge and the search functions are crap.
  9. How did one small update in Skyrim SE break so many mods, and why is it taking so long to update sexlab and SOS? And why are the error messages so incorrect? I have reinstalled Sexlab many times, including light, and reordered modes repeatedly. Vortex says everything is fine but every time I launch, using SKSE64_loader, I get an error message saying sexlab either didn't load or sexlabutil.dll is bad. But, the MOD page, under system, shows that it is loaded. When I go to MCM, the sexlab options are greyed out except for the option to install a version of sexlab that NO ONE HAS FOR DOWNLOAD anywhere! If I hit install, the game notifies me that it is ready about 5 minutes later, yet all the settings are still greyed out. I have similar problems with SOS.
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