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  1. so it is,didnt seem like it because anytime i left a character pregnant with a alien they stayed until i did study embryo
  2. so about Mirann's wotc prostitution mod,is giving birth to aliens possible? the readme doesnt say but in the .ini it implies it is "AlienBirthDamage".
  3. i have the default launcher,it worked fine for vanilla xcom2 and tried what D3nt0n said and nothing changed,could it have to do with where the mod folder is? i have it in" E:\Steam\steamapps\common\XCOM 2\XComGame" and "E:\Steam\steamapps\common\XCOM 2\XCom2-WarOfTheChosen\XComGame" to try that since a few places said to install them there Edit: So turns out the mods werent being added to DefaultModOptions.ini so i had to add them myself
  4. would i need to do that when going from vanilla to wotc? beat my first playthrough and want to start the expansion and mods are showing up in the launcher but not game
  5. anyone wouldnt happen to have these mods? the only other boob mods i can find increase muscles and fat with the boobs
  6. gizmo1206


    so found a draconis merchant and the gun worked fine on him although cant seem to find the warp or the tents for them tonight will try again next play session
  7. gizmo1206


    havent gotten the bow yet(still havent started the quest for it,cant find that damned part) and happening with the throwing hearts mod,they take damage but thats it. and first time trying the gun was in that warp door place and recently a big red tent i found on a planet
  8. gizmo1206


    with the vanilla races they turn into a sex node(able to have sex with) but on the one modded race i have(draconis) all it does is get them wet
  9. gizmo1206


    enjoying this,although kinda sad the lewd guns dont work on modded races(have the draconis race)
  10. ive been having a odd issue,every so often i manage to hit myself with them causing me to be locked in place like an npc would be and just now when pressing e i managed to fuck myself,also is there a way to get this to work on modded races? since using them i only hurt them
  11. so i guess that means the race isnt fully supported?
  12. yup installed the mod then the race support,even have a picture of my test character in the act
  13. huh the dragon race doesnt seem to be working with this for me
  14. not using tweaker yet and not even sudden births they kind of just disappeared.maybe it had something to do with updating mods a few months old on a existing save(started playing again for the first time in months and ive been updating mods) and im not sure if its important but i went from the "pak" to "unpak" version if that matters. Also turned on "allowMultipleImpregnations" but now im trying with it off Edit: After testing i found the problem to of been my old save and updating it after months, since i tested with a new save and everything worked fine,also just tried the abortion pill and that fixed things too
  15. does being on the ship f up pregnancy? since ive gotten pregnant multiple times but it just went away pretty much whenever i got on my ship
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